April 19, 2015

Ray Stevens: April 18th Opry re-cap...

Hello once more...as promised in my previous blog entry here's a brief re-cap of the Ray Stevens guest appearance on the Grand Ole Opry yesterday evening. In my blog entry from yesterday I erroneously stated that the Opry's host during Ray's appearance was going to be Jim Ed Brown. Unless I had been thinking of him earlier in the day or happened to see a picture of him, or, had actually seen his name listed in close proximity to Ray's I never would've posted the wrong information but something told my brain to type Jim Ed and that's what I happened to do but in actuality the host of the Opry segment that Ray appeared on happened to be the family group, The Whites. The half hour segment featured songs by them and a couple of songs by a gospel artist named Chris August...and then it came time for Ray Stevens!

Ray came out and spoke about his current Here We Go Again! comedy CD. He mentioned that his previous guest appearance at the Opry took place only a couple of weeks ago and that he performed a certain song that night...and due to demand he performed it once more...the song being "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me". He followed-up the performance with "Hearts Made of Stone" (!).
The live performance doesn't have the echo effect that the studio recording has and I was completely surprised that he chose that particular song to spotlight considering some of the other songs on the CD have more of a country flavor but I'm glad he performed the song, though. At least I can say I heard him perform the song in case he never performs it again. In case you missed the April 18th performance you can check the Opry's Archive page. At the moment the page is updated through April 14th (this past Tuesday Night Opry broadcast). You'll have to periodically keep checking the Opry Archive Page to see when they upload the April 18th broadcast. I'll also do the same and of course I'll post a link to the April 18th broadcast in a future blog post. Remember, though, the link I'll be posting in a future blog is for the complete broadcast...it isn't going to be a link to only the segment Ray Stevens appears on. The first segment is hosted by Jeannie Seely. 

April 18, 2015

Ray Stevens: April 18th...Opry Guest Appearance...

Good late afternoon, early evening!! Ray Stevens is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the Opry tonight at 7:30pm Central, 8:30pm Eastern. This is a rather quick follow-up guest appearance for Ray...he appeared on the Opry last month (in a segment hosted by Larry Gatlin) and performed his current hit, "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me", for the first time.

On tonight's Opry Ray is going to appear in the segment hosted by Jim Ed Brown. He may perform the Taylor song again or he may spotlight something completely different. You can listen to the Opry performance by clicking HERE and then clicking the appropriate listening options once the page opens. I'll post a re-cap either later tonight or tomorrow about Ray's Opry segment.

The music video for Ray's current hit has obtained 134,093 unique views so far.

I came across a recent interview of Ray Stevens...this one appeared on YouTube today and it's conducted by an interviewer named Rabbi Sol Solomon. It appears as part of an internet series called Dave's Gone By. You can hear the interview HERE. I happened to like it...Ray gets a lot of time to discuss various aspects of his career and those he's worked with in the music industry. Near the end the host brings up Ray's 9-CD box set, The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. Some of the other subjects discussed include his current CD, Here We Go Again!, the Ray Stevens' Nashville memoir, political comedy, and the dramatic changes in the music industry and the impact of social media.

April 12, 2015

Ray Stevens: The Taylor Swift Music Video, entry 10...

Hello one and all...I'm back! Since the completion of my previous blog entry baseball season has started and the onslaught of rain and severe weather has prevented me from making too many detailed blogs (for the fear the electric going out in the middle of typing). Also, I'm trying to get used to these new eye glasses...they're not as comfortable as my other pair...I've actually been wearing the other pair more than the new ones.

In addition to that I deliberately wanted the blog entry about the negative impact that the healthcare law has had on my insurance coverage to be the first blog entry visitors see if they happen to access this page via it's main link.

The current music video from Ray Stevens, "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me", has had an increase in discoveries since my previous blog entry on April 5th...jumping from 115,889 to 126,563...a pickup of 10,674 unique views (for those keeping track). As you can see I posted/embedded the music video at the top of the blog entry. The video debuted on February 24th and so you can see that it's fast approaching 2 months of on-line availability...13 days to go.

The song itself can be found on his current CD, Here We Go Again!. The CD can be purchased on-line practically everywhere. Here's a link to the AMAZON product page. Once there you can either purchase the CD or search for the Mp3 copy if that's your personal preferred purchase choice. The CD became available for pre-order in February...it's official release happened on March 23. Since the time of it's release it's appeared on Billboard's Top Comedy Albums chart...debuting in the April 11th edition among the Top-10 best selling comedy releases that week. I looked on Billboard's on-line site a couple of days ago and unfortunately the CD isn't in the Top-10 for the week ending April 18th. It and another comedy project fell off to make room for a couple of debuts.

One of the drawbacks to having a 10 position sales chart is once you have the big opening week sales performance a CD usually settles into it's average sales pace and if it's not among the 10 releases in the comedy genre to sell a certain amount in a given week then it doesn't rank among the top-10 (regardless of any additional sales it obtained). Some of the CD's listed on the comedy survey have been charted for more than 1 year (!). Having said that I don't know if total weeks indicate consecutive or non-consecutive. Considering it's a 10 position chart the turnover rate is astronomical and so I'd guess and say the total number of chart weeks for the CD's on the Top Comedy Albums chart indicate non-consecutive totals. If anybody has any information you can post a comment. In my settings I have it designed so that I can read submitted comments before they're posted. So, if you submit something and I feel that it comes across cohesive and on topic I'll publish those kinds of comments. I don't publish comments that offer links and I definitely refuse to publish any comment that speaks negative toward Ray Stevens.

I may have posted this already but this is the CD of Here We Go Again! that I ordered from Amazon. I call it the non-autographed copy. I have a copy that I received in the mail a couple of days before the CD went on sale...it has an autograph by Ray Stevens and a note above his autograph personally thanking me. Also, it goes without saying, but I hope you all watch his latest music video from start to finish. It has a nice shot of Ray at the video's close standing inside his recording studio, grinning, and displaying disbelief that he put together a music video like that (an example of self-deprecation). As I mentioned earlier the music video's approaching it's 2 month 'anniversary' and it's anybody's guess if there's going to be a follow-up music video or not. I hope there's going to be some additional music videos...but marketing is going to be key in my opinion. I still believe that the song, "A Handshake Will Do", has music video written all over it. The kinds of sight gags that could be inserted into a visual production is too irresistible to by-pass. "You Didn't Build That" is another song that, if I happened to be making the decisions, I'd find too tempting to pass up. I hope either or both of those songs become music videos at some point this year.