November 18, 2014

Ray Stevens: The Nashville Memoir Book Signing...

Hello all!! Oh yes, I'm still around...I've been taking one of my periodic hiatuses from the blog page but if you visit Ray's Facebook page you'll no doubt see that I've been posting over there.

This coming Saturday, November 22, Ray is to appear at Barnes and Noble in Louisville, Kentucky to sign copies of his memoir, Ray Stevens' Nashville. You can read about it HERE. Once there you'll be able to see the location and time of the appearance. Speaking of his book...he uploaded a commercial onto YouTube promoting the book...

I hope you all caught the previous 2 uploads of Rayality TV!! In my previous blog I embedded webisode 29. If you visit his YouTube channel you'll be able to see episodes 30 and 31.

A couple of days ago Ray co-hosted the Inspirational Country Music Awards. He co-hosted the event with Megan Alexander. If you do a Google Image search for Ray's name and the awards program you'll see pictures taken during the program. Yesterday I found an air-date for the event and it's scheduled to air next Saturday November 29th at 8pm Eastern on the NRB Network.

The program is to be streamed on-line and so on November 29th at 8pm Eastern you'll need to visit the NRB site and click "Watch Online 24/7". The program should be airing at that point in time. I'd suggest you click the on-line feature several minutes before 8pm so you won't miss anything. You can access the NRB site by clicking HERE.

If you hadn't made your purchase of the Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Volume One you can visit the Amazon page for the digital download HERE. "The Preacher and the Bear" and "If Jesus is a Stranger" continue to be the most purchased Mp3's from the collection. If you're like me and prefer the CD copy of the collection you can get that at Amazon, clicking HERE.

November 1, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 29...

Hello all!! It's November already! The latest installment of Rayality TV is here. The name of this particular webisode is called Such a Night Medley even though in the previous installment of Rayality TV, that particular song was performed. It's not performed on installment 29, though, regardless of it's title.

In this clip we're treated to a medley of songs from a concert Ray did a couple of years ago. Among the songs he performs in the medley are "Ahab the Arab", "Along Came Jones", and "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon" (not in that order).

Nearing 34,000 unique views is "If You Like Your Plan", one of Ray's current YouTube videos. It's unofficially competing ith his other current YouTube video, "Nero Fiddled". That particular video's gotten 20,776 unique views so far.

It's hard to believe the 2014 Midterm Elections are this coming Tuesday!! According to whatever political pundit happens to be speaking at any given moment on television, some pundits like to say that ObamaCare is a "non-issue" and therefore irrelevant. I don't happen to feel that way. The media has pushed aside ObamaCare and it's gotten the appearance of it being a non-issue but it's still an important issue and it's also a program that's not fully implemented yet...but the media, in general, shies from it as if it's here to stay and I reckon the media types think there's no need to cover it heavily anymore.

Here's a reminder of ObamaCare...

Here's a reminder of why it's not in the nation's best interest voting for far-left, liberal-progressive ideologues... 

October 24, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 28 (It's Back!!)

Hello all the Ray Stevens fans!! As you can see from the blog title I've got the latest installment of Rayality TV to share/embed. If you're more than a casual fan of Ray's then you should be curious as to the reason there's a 28th webisode...considering a couple weeks ago Ray issued what he stated would be the final installment of the on-going weekly web series (each installment debuting on-line on every Friday). There's not been any explanation given as to the reason for the series coming to an end but then returning, out of the blue, today. 

Ray's Facebook page features commentary suggesting that there's no end in sight for the series...and upon first read I came away with the feeling that the series had come to an abrupt end a couple weeks ago due to behind-the-scenes happenings. The phrase in his Facebook post about the continuation of Rayality TV that caught my eye: "The end is nowhere near, let's just say that!". So, in my opinion, something must have taken place off-line/behind-the-scenes concerning the future of the series and whatever it happened to be has been corrected and now we're enjoying the 28th installment of the series. That's just my opinion upon reading the line I quoted. I definitely could be reading more into it, though.

Here is the latest installment of Rayality TV...

In case you missed my previous blog entry about one of Ray's latest YouTube videos soaring past 30,000 unique views, you can read about it HERE.