September 29, 2014

Ray Stevens: If You Like Your post 4

Hello once more...the latest video from Ray Stevens, "If You Like Your Plan", has indeed vaulted past the 20,000 mark. In a pick-up of 4,359 unique views, this brings the overall total, so far, to 21,149. Later this evening the video will technically mark it's 1st week on-line. It debuted, out of the blue, last Monday (September 22) in the late afternoon hours. I'll take a look at the numbers later this afternoon/evening and see if they're above the 25,000 mark (and if they're nearing 30,000). This is just my opinion but I feel this should be the week that Ray begins to physically promote the song...whether it be appearing on any number of Fox News programs or calling in to a radio program...and potentially reach more audiences that don't usually frequent YouTube on a daily basis. That's just my opinion, though. I'm sure they'll promote the song beyond it's YouTube appearance but I'm usually restless and on the edge of the seat during the lead up to whatever forthcoming publicity/marketing campaign there happens to be (if any!).

Given that nearly 25,000 have seen the video on YouTube I'm sure some of differing opinions have seen the clip. In fact, 386 "like" the video and 10 "dislike" the there have been dissenting results and there have been some dissenting opinions in the comments section, too. You'll see my commentary over on the video's page, too. I usually offer commentary during the first couple of days of any brand new Ray Stevens video clip...I sometimes make further commentary if I see posts that cause me to give a reaction of some kind. Usually, though, in a matter of days the liberals discover whatever the latest Ray Stevens video might be and they take over the comment section and it often turns into personal name calling and bickering back and fourth. Once the comment section dissolves into that sort of thing I stop making an effort to read the comments.

Did anyone notice the visual reference to a previous video from Ray? There's a scene in the latest music video that has Ray in reporter attire...looking as he did in one of the scenes from "Mr. President-Mr. President". That particular scene in "If You Like Your Plan" comes complete with a brief music riff referencing the Mr. President song. I thought it a neat touch.

Also, perhaps completely coincidental, "Mr. President-Mr. President", hit YouTube in September...of 2011 (the exact date happened to be the 27th). The 2011 video clip has 1.5 million unique views along with 7,132 "likes" and 381 "dislikes".

In the meantime...have you visited Ray's website lately? He's added imagery publicizing his Nashville memoir and his current Gospel Collection, Volume One CD. I've included four links in this blog post. Even though the current excitement amongst Ray Stevens fans is largely due to the "If You Like Your Plan" music video, let's don't forget about the memoir and the gospel CD. The gospel CD is a little more than 1 month old (released on August 19th). You can my customer review of the CD HERE. A link to Ray's site can be found in the following paragraph...

The format of the memoir that's being offered at the site is the hardback. The paperback version sold out on Amazon several weeks ago...some of the Marketplace customers are offering the paperback version for more than $100.00!! There's still the Kindle on-line version of the memoir and the hardback (although Amazon states that there are only 5 copies of the hardback in stock!). A link to Ray's site is HERE.

You can see the latest Ray Stevens music video, "If You Like Your Plan", HERE. I've embedded it 3 consecutive times and so I decided to share a link to it this time around. In a future blog post I'll likely embed the video again. The fourth link I'm sharing is to my customer review of Ray's Nashville memoir. You can read my commentary HERE.

September 27, 2014

Ray Stevens: If You Like Your Plan nearing 20,000 unique views...

Hello fans of Ray Stevens!! It's a very early Saturday morning here and I decided to give a couple days time before posting my follow-up blog. In my previous blog post I speculated that the latest Ray Stevens video on YouTube, "If You Like Your Plan", which at that point in time was approaching 10,000 unique views, would more than likely reach 10,000 by day's end at the pace it happened to be on. At the time of the blog the music video had obtained 7,298 unique views in less than 2 days time. I just arrived from YouTube's site and at the moment the totals for "If You Like Your Plan" are 16,790!!! This is a pick-up of 9,492 additional views. It's a timely subject because as the months and years go by millions of people are going to see their health care coverage change dramatically...whether they like their health care plan or not. Obama, several years ago, standing up there at some podium insisting that people that currently have health care coverage and like their plan have nothing to worry about..."period!". Furthermore, according to Obama, this 'Affordable Care Act' (Obama Care) is strictly meant for people that have no health coverage whatsoever.

It was a pack of lies then and a pack of lies today...and never forget the deceit and legal trickery and maneuvering on the part of Congressional and Senate Democrats (the President and Vice President included) to make sure this monstrosity became Federal law. Something that the American population truly wants shouldn't have to be rammed through Congress on a party-line vote and under cover of the night (but I'm being rhetorical there!). They don't care about a person's health coverage or health care...their motivation was purely cynical and political. The Democrats simply wanted to deliver a blow to Capitalism and they accomplished it through deception. "If You Like Your Plan" you can keep your plan (period!)...repeated over and over by Obama...had long been hogwash.

The video's message is so great and's the third straight time I've embedded it in a blog post. I usually don't do that kind of thing anymore...but once in awhile I do.

Once more, the viral video hit from Ray Stevens... "If You Like Your Plan"...

Anything else going on in the world of Ray Stevens?? The news broke on Friday (September 26) that Ray is to co-host an upcoming gospel ceremony in November. You can read all about it HERE. The page gives the air date and the broadcast affiliate along with other details. I'm sure I don't receive the channel/network that will air the program but I'll look for more information nevertheless in mid November. The event's full title is the Inspirational Country Music Faith, Family and Country Week and it runs November 9th through the 12th. The awards ceremony takes place on November 12th. You can read my Amazon CD review of the Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Volume One HERE.

September 24, 2014

Ray Stevens: If You Like Your Plan nearing 10,000 unique views...

Hello once again! It's been less than 2 days since the debut of the latest Ray Stevens YouTube music video, "If You Like Your Plan". It's nearing 10,000 unique views as of this writing. The totals so far are 7,298 and I happen to believe that the video is going to gain the 2,702 additional views needed to reach the 10,000 plateau in no time at all. It's gotten more than 7,000 unique views in less than 2 days so it's safe to say it'll leap into 10,000 territory and beyond in a matter of hours at the pace it's on.

All over the social network sites the video's being shared...the one that's gotten the most shares is the one that describes the video in this manner: "Ray Stevens Relentlessly Mocks Obama Care..." followed by a link to Ray's video. I happen to, of course, agree with that description even though I couldn't find those exact words to type the other day during my blog post as I was trying to come up with descriptions of my experience seeing the video...but yes, 'relentless' is a good way to describe Ray's visual performance...PERIOD!! (once you see the video you'll understand the reason I used that word!!).

There have been a number of comments about the video on it's YouTube page...a couple by Obama supporters...but the majority of the commentary (so far) are by those in support of Ray's video and the message it delivers.

As more and more liberals discover the video, though, the commentary section may end up becoming a cesspool of name calling, personal attacks, and vulgar language since history shows that's their favorite tactic in replying to ideologies they happen to disagree with but for now none of that immature commentary has taken over the comments area.

Here's the viral video hit from Ray Stevens... "If You Like Your Plan"...