July 24, 2014

Ray Stevens: July Songwriter Session Podcast...

Hello one and all...a brief blog post today!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I stated that I'd post a link to the Ray Stevens interview and performance at the Country Music Hall of Fame's Ford Theater if I come across one. A link has since surfaced in the form of a podcast. The site doesn't offer an embed code and so you'll have to click this Songwriter Session Video LINK instead. Once the page opens you'll see the video and you'll be able to play it rather easily. It runs a little less than 1 hour.

Absolute Publicity has posted a re-cap of the July 19th event including a link to Ray's appearance at the event (the same performance that I linked to above). The article also includes a comment from Oak Ridge Boy Duane Allen, who attended the event. You can read their re-cap HERE

July 23, 2014

Ray Stevens Gospel Collection...

Hello to all the fans of Ray Stevens! Yes, it's an early blog post today...I happened to come from Amazon several minutes ago and noticed that the product page for the Ray Stevens Gospel Collection CD has been updated. The page no contains a picture of the CD...but in the small print it still lists the artist as Ryan Stevens in spite of the CD's title on full display indicating the actual artist. You can see the Amazon page HERE and if you're a member you can place a pre-order if you desire. The CD's release date is August 19, 2014. Amazon doesn't have a song list but you can check the other on-line sites for a song list. In my previous blog post (you can access it off to the right in the archives) I provided links to several on-line retail stores that have the CD and it's track list on their product page. Whichever on-line store you ultimately choose to purchase your copy make sure you look for that CD image. There are several gospel projects already on the market that have been released on Ray Stevens on a variety of different record labels and those projects are filled with the gospel songs he recorded in the early '70s for his Turn Your Radio On album. This project has the Gaither Gospel Series stamp on the top left side of the CD picture sleeve and some of the songs on this upcoming 2014 CD are "Dry Bones", "If Jesus Is a Stranger" and "Onward Christian Soldiers".

"Come to the U.S.A." did indeed vault past the 8.4 million mark in unique views. Yesterday morning the video had 8,393,797 unique views and this morning it has 8,421,039 for a pick up of 27,242.

July 22, 2014

Ray Stevens: July Songwriter Session Pictures...

Good morning all...if you've done a recent Google image search for Ray Stevens then you'll be aware that several new pictures of him have been showing up during the search results. Those pictures come from his July 19th appearance at the Country Music Hall of Fame's Ford Theatre during the Songwriter Session series. There are more than 30 pictures captured from the event...from both backstage, during the performance and interview, and several from the Nashville book signing afterward.

You can see all of those pictures HERE.

Speaking of the book...you can purchase your copy on AMAZON. That link takes you to the paperback version. There is a Kindle version available, too. I seldom post a link to the Kindle because I'm biased...I prefer people buy the actual physical copy of the book. Of course, I know that once a person clicks the Amazon link to the paperback copy of Nashville they can easily click the link for the Kindle edition. No matter which format you choose it's a great story/history of Nashville from the experiences of Ray Stevens. The book should start to become available at his on-line store in a couple of months.

In the meantime...

The totals for the illegal immigration music video, "Come to the U.S.A.", have obtained more than 20,000 unique views since my previous blog post yesterday. The total, as of now, is 8,393,797. I'm sure it'll make it into the 8.4 million range some point today.

Around this same time next month Volume One of Ray's gospel CD should be making the headlines among the social media sites. It's to be released on August 19 and the marketing is to be handled by the Gaither company but it should be available at all the on-line music stores. The title of the CD is Ray Stevens Gospel Collection Volume One.

At the moment I've seen it up for Pre-Order on the Best Buy site. You can see their product page HERE. You will need to become a member of their on-line site to place a pre-order. There is also has a product page, but no Pre-Order availability at the moment, at this SITE from Capitol Christian Distribution. A third page I come across offering a Pre-Order of the gospel CD is this one from a site called Family Christian. As is the case with the other music stores, you'll have to register to become a member and create an account at the Family Christian site before purchasing items.

Is Amazon offering a pre-order? Well, if you type "Ray Stevens Gospel Collection" at Amazon a CD shows up in the search results with that title indicating the release is to be August 19, 2014 but inexplicably the site has the artist name listed as 'Ryan Stevens' instead of 'Ray Stevens' even though the name of the CD clearly states it's Ray Stevens. I sent an e-mail to the appropriate department several weeks ago informing them of their spelling mistake but the typo has never been corrected and it still lists the recording artist for the CD as 'Ryan Stevens' even though Ray's name is clearly part of the CD's title. Amazon doesn't have a picture of the CD unlike the other music stores.

You can see for yourselves HERE.