September 13, 2014

Ray Stevens performs on 1985's Music City, USA...

Hello one and all to the latest fan created blog entry chronicling the legendary Ray Stevens!! In this blog entry I've embedded a 1985 television program called Music City, U.S.A. that ran on The Nashville Network in it's early years. Each episode featured a different host and this time it's Ray Stevens...promoting songs from his then-current album, He Thinks He's Ray Stevens. In the clip above you'll see glimpses of routines and sketches that foreshadowed Ray's future as a comedy music video king. Longtime fans and those that have only discovered his music recently are sure to smile as you watch and listen to Ray perform these songs. Ray has a special guest on this episode...Kathy of Conway's daughters. That's her in the still shot on the video capture.

Ray performs "It's Me Again, Margaret", "Erik the Awful", "Misty", and "Mississippi Squirrel Revival". In the performance of "Erik the Awful" there's a mishap with a prop...but being a pro, Ray smirks at the blooper, laughs a bit, and continues on. To add further hilarity, Ray continues to use the prop in his performance...knowing full well how silly it looks...but that's all part of the fun. After the performance and a bigger laugh as he looked at the band, Ray commented that he does have a serious side...and given that he performed 2 songs from his 1984 LP I assumed he'd perform his bluesy arrangement of "Furthermore" (track 10 on the LP) but he performed "Misty" instead. He closed the program singing "Mississippi Squirrel Revival".

Fast-forwarding from 1985 to 2014...this is the latest upload of Rayality TV...there are some scenes that take place at The Encore retirement home and there's a presentation of the "Red Hot Chili Cook-Off" music video...

September 8, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 22...

Hello to all the Ray Stevens fans!! The most recent Rayality TV has made it's way onto YouTube!! In this installment The Encore retirement home takes center stage once more...and in one of the sketches we're entertained by several spaced out characters (hippies). There is also a music video added in...the illegal immigration song "Come to the U.S.A." which, to date, has 8.7 million unique views on YouTube!!

I made mention of this a couple of blogs ago so I hope some of you all remembered that Ray Stevens was the special guest over the weekend on Larry's Country Diner. I notice over on the traffic feed that a couple of visits have been made to a blog I published in 2010 about an appearance by Ray on Larry's show. I didn't publish a stand alone blog this time around for Ray's most recent appearance because I no longer get RFD-TV and because of that I found it difficult to gather up the kind of hype/excitement that I get when it comes to any of the other Ray Stevens appearances but I hope those that seen the appearance loved it!!

I looked all over the internet but didn't see any screen caps or commentary about Ray's appearance but I did get some information about the songs Ray performed. The info comes from another fan that happens to still have RFD-TV. On the September 6, 2014 episode of Larry's Country Diner Ray Stevens performed the following songs: "If Jesus is a Stranger", "Amazing Grace", "Turn Your Radio On", and "Nashville". This appearance had been taped a month or two earlier. 

Here's an Amazon LINK to Ray's recording of "If Jesus is a Stranger". Based on sales, it's the most popular digital download from the gospel CD. The physical copy of the CD is currently ranked in sales at #352. It hasn't cracked the Top-100 yet...but I assume at some point if a music video or something comes along that creates more awareness of the CD's availability then the CD may just land in the Top-100 amongst the Amazon best-sellers list.

September 3, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 21...

Hello's suddenly September!! This past Friday an installment of Rayality TV didn't appear on-line...I assume it most certainly had to do with the busy activities of Ray and company in the days after the release of The Gospel Collection, Volume One CD on August 19th. I hope those reading took advantage of my previous blog post and visited either of those six on-line music stores that I provided a link to. In case you missed the previous blog post I did you can either search the archives or click this LINK.

The link takes you to the official Ray Stevens store's product page for the gospel CD. You can also purchase it at other stores, too. In case you're wondering if an Mp3 exists the answer is yes. If you visit Amazon and search in the Digital Music section for 'Ray Stevens Gospel Collection', you'll see the Mp3 edition of the CD available for sale, too. The Mp3 doesn't have any reviews, though. The CD copy has my review and a review by another customer. The second review appeared on Amazon today. My review was published back on August 23rd.

Rayality TV 19 and 20 carried a Christmas theme and this one carries the theme even further and it's referred to as "Christmas In August, Part Three". Evidently, going by the title, this installment of the series had been put together late last month but, as mentioned, didn't make it to YouTube until today. The music videos of "Blue Christmas" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" make an appearance sandwiched between Ray's commentary about the season and political correctness.

In other news, Ray Stevens is scheduled to appear on The Grand Ole Opry on September 12th. This is referred to as the Friday Night Opry, technically, and Ray is scheduled to make an appearance on the 12th. At this time I have no idea which segment Ray is to make an appearance. I assume he'll appear during the last portion but it's hard to tell. You can listen to the Opry on WSM radio's website by simply clicking the Listen Live audio button. After the Opry broadcast Ray is to sign copies of his Nashville memoir. You can read about that book signing HERE.