October 31, 2008

Get The Best of Ray Stevens

I thought it would be good to spotlight the album in my profile picture. Yes...it's a vinyl album. Some may think it's a calendar but it isn't. A few of my nieces and nephews saw it sitting on my desk one time and one of them asked where I got the "calendar" and I had to explain that it isn't calendar but a vinyl album...one asked where's all the pictures if it's an "album". I said it's an album of songs. One said "like a CD?" and I said yes. One said it looks bigger than a CD. That's when I stopped trying to explain what a vinyl album was.

The album was released in 1987 and it was later sold on TV. The television promotion happened nearly two years later in early 1989. It's a double-album...it features two separate vinyl records in one jacket. A jacket is another name for album cover.

There are 20 songs on here and they are listed below:

Mr. Businessman
Shriner's Convention
Can He Love You Half As Much As I
Turn Your Radio On
The Blue Cyclone
Jeremiah Peabody
Along Came Jones
Freddie Feelgood
The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
In The Mood
I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow
The Haircut Song
The Streak
Harry The Hairy Ape
It's Me Again Margaret
Ahab The Arab
Everything Is Beautiful

There were a couple other compilation albums released in 1987 in addition to this one. There was the release simply called Greatest Hits that went Platinum and there was the follow-up Greatest Hits, Volume Two that went Gold. Each of those releases contained 10 songs a piece but on the double album there are two songs missing. The two songs that are missing are "Mama's In The Sky With Elvis" and "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?" because those two songs were recorded exclusively for the Volume Two of Greatest Hits and therefore weren't on any compilation album to date. On the double album, those two songs were replaced with "Harry the Hairy Ape" and "Furthermore". So, the double album is a collector's edition of sorts because it's a special release but it contains 18 songs found on Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits, Volume Two which both were released in 1987.

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