January 8, 2009

Upcoming Releases

Here's a reminder of a couple of Ray Stevens projects being released soon. Later this month, a series of projects will be released to a more wider audience, projects that have been available so far on Ray's official web-site's store. "Laughter Is the Best Medicine" is among the projects being released. There will be two DVD collections of animated music video's issued as well. Each DVD will feature several best-of productions from the past plus a couple of new music video's. These collections are called "Cartoon Carnival, Volume One" and "Volume Two". This audio CD/digital album "Laughter Is The Best Medicine" whose picture appears to the left, will feature hospital and doctor-oriented comedy songs. The bulk of the songs are from the past but it boasts "The PSA Song" which has never been made available until this release. The song itself goes back quite awhile, sometime in the mid 1990's, around the time Ray was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he battled and won. So, that project will boast "The PSA Song" among other songs. The always fluctuating fan base of Ray's often creates the need for me to make the statement: "for those who are new to Ray Stevens, these songs will be brand-new to you" and therefore you should purchase this CD. If "The PSA Song" becomes available as an MP3 by itself I'll be buying it...since it is the only song on that release that I do not have. I've been a fan for years and years so I often by-pass collections that feature songs I have already in my collection.

The DVD's will feature several music video's he did several years ago combined with brand-new productions. "Hugo the Human Cannonball", "The Camping Trip", "The Moonlight Special", "Smokey Mountain Rattlesnake Retreat", and a couple of others are only going to be available, for now, on the Cartoon Carnival releases later this month. The projects are all on Ray's own label, Clyde Records.

In February his Sinatra CD will be released nationally...previously only available exclusively at his web-store and concert appearances. The CD features Ray's versions of several Sinatra standards. In some of the performances he shortens the songs...making them almost "samples" instead of full performances...but he does perform full-length versions of Sinatra too. Ray, as I touched upon, hits the concert trail again this year. I have plans on attending the May concert in Nashville, Indiana. I already have the tickets and so that's already out of the way. The concert is on a Saturday and it starts at 6pm so that means my sister and I will have to be on the road several hours prior...the trip won't be as far as Renfro Valley, Kentucky which is where she and I went last year to see Ray.

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