November 29, 2009

Ray Stevens: Blue Christmas novelty

I was informed by another Ray Stevens fan that the comedy version of "Blue Christmas" is now available at Ray's on-line music store. This music store is located at his web-site. You will need to click "Buy" and a drop-down menu will appear and then you'll need to click the on-line store. There is a non-comical recording of "Blue Christmas" on his 2009 Ray Stevens Christmas release but then a comical version, based on the stuttering rendition from Seymour Swine and the Squealers, was promoted through several on-line web-sites. The comical recording from Ray makes it's debut on an EP single which features three other songs: White Christmas, Deck The Halls With Teardrops, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have those other three songs so I am hoping the comical version of "Blue Christmas" by Ray becomes available as an MP3 single for those who don't want to re-purchase the three other songs. However, as the days and weeks go by and if there's no offer made to purchase just the song, I may give in and purchase the EP. For those unaware, an EP means an "extended play" single.

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