July 4, 2010

Ray Stevens freezes Global Warming...

Hello all Ray Stevens fans! A few days ago, specific date being June 29, Ray uploaded a new music video on You Tube. This time around Ray tackles climate change in "The Global Warming Song". The story is about a couple of brothers who buy into the climate change hype and decide to move to the South Pole anticipating the metamorphosis from a frozen tundra to a tropical paradise. I've mentioned this song in a few other blog entries but for those who don't have the time to sift through the archives I'll reveal that the two brothers have the last name of Gullible. As you watch the video you'll see a lot of sight gag references to Al Gore and there's a banner that runs along the bottom of the video delivering "breaking news". The news items are all based on current events...with the last "news item" being the most hilarious. If you can't read the news items that run along the bottom of the screen you can always go to You Tube's site and watch the bigger sized video. I shrink the videos that I paste in my blogs for one obvious reason: I don't want the video to spill over onto my sidebar notes.


  1. Ray is or should be a multi-millionaire. The CD/DVD is selling - so why not up the production values of the videos? Love him, enjoyed the CD/DVD, but spend some money Ray!

  2. If Ray was releasing these music videos on some country music channel, which there would be no guarantee that they'd be played, perhaps he would put more extras and more money into them.

    However, given that the videos are basically put together for You Tube and that's about it, I can understand why he wouldn't want to go all out with the production because in reality you really don't have to.

    All he needs is a green screen and cameras set up and that's it. It's never been the case of Ray not having any money for video production. From my perspective the videos are intentionally made with low production costs. The previous video, "Come to the USA", featured more production with all the edits and quick shots even though it was still taped in front of a green screen.

    That was all my opinion, though.

  3. i love every thing about ray!


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