August 26, 2013

More 1970 Ray Stevens Show clips...

Hello once again!! In my previous blog entry I supplied news about some 1970 Ray Stevens Show clips that had surfaced on You Tube. In the days since, Ray has uploaded a whole lot more from his summer 1970 program. When I  wrote the previous blog entry there were five uploads from the 1970 has increased by 11 as of August 26th. So, then, there's a grand total at the moment of 16 clips from his 1970 television program. Available on his You Tube Video Channel are the clips. Keep that link saved so that you can check back and see if new clips have become available in the days ahead. At the moment the latest upload is a 1970 performance of "Freddie Feelgood". There's also a clip of Ray singing "I Got a Woman", a cover of a Ray Charles song, and it's probably one of the most surprising/revealing performances if you're not too familiar with Ray Stevens' vocal versatility and just how much of an influence early rock, R&B, jazz, and classic pop music played a part in his earlier recordings before adding country-flavored styles later on in the '70s. In a message on a social media site, Ray gave some information about a possible DVD becoming available featuring clips from the 1970 summer show. Since it's late August, it probably won't become available for a few months...hopefully a DVD arrives sooner than that but my guess is, if there's a DVD on the way, it'll be here a month from now or probably in October. 


  1. Ray is 30, maybe even 29 when he filmed the show, and looks younger. So fun to see this again after so many years. With the passing of Andy Williams,it was probably easier for Ray to buy the rights.

    1. Ray posted a comment on Facebook that indicated that there might be a DVD on the way with clips from the summer television program. Of course, 16 clips have become part of the internet but there should be more on the way. I don't have any idea if this potential DVD will feature random clips like the way they appear on his You Tube channel or if the DVD will feature complete episodes.

      There's probably publishing rights and other legalities that'll perhaps keep some songs from appearing on this potential DVD. I made the comment on Facebook that even if there's a road block of some kind and complete episodes aren't able to be part of the DVD due to those kinds of reasons, many of us would be happy owning a DVD of just Ray's performances.


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