September 20, 2013

Ray Stevens Fall Clearance Sale...

Hallelujah...I have at long last placed an order for the 2007 Ray Stevens CD, New Orleans Moon. I put in the order about an hour ago at Ray's web store. There is an unbelievable, in my opinion, Fall Clearance Sale going on at his store and there are several items that have been reduced in price. Also, if you type in a promo code at the checkout, you'll get 15 percent off the total. This special is only good through September 30th  and so you all have 10 more days to take advantage of any products that you may have been putting off purchasing. I've been a fan of his for so long but there are a couple of things for sale at his store that I don't have. I purchased one of those items, as mentioned at the top of the blog entry, earlier today. You'd think I would already have that in my collection but I didn't. I had the digital download on my previous computer but I'd never purchased the physical copy of the CD until today. I have no idea if I'll ever be on my previous computer again and if not I won't have access to my music libraries. Fortunately, years ago, I had copied a lot the Mp3's I had purchased onto blank CD's just in case of a future computer problem, but some of the digital downloads I didn't get around to and Ray's 2007 project was one of them.

The thing that caused me to go ahead and purchase the CD was my belief that it would no longer be available in the near future. If you've been a frequent visitor of Ray's on-line store you'll perhaps be a little stunned to see that a lot of the items that were once for sale have been taken down. The Misc. section used to offer several T-shirts and several hats, a political book, and a songbook. Today the only things in that section are the songbook and the hats. I'm sure those removed items can still be purchased if you e-mail or contact Ray's office but they're no longer appearing on-line for a world wide audience to see.

Considering that a lot of the items have been removed and the fact that the 2007 CD is priced insanely low right now...less than $6.00!!!...I decided that today is as good a day as any to finally purchase it. A link to the store is below.

Ray Stevens Store

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