November 18, 2014

Ray Stevens: The Nashville Memoir Book Signing...

Hello all!! Oh yes, I'm still around...I've been taking one of my periodic hiatuses from the blog page but if you visit Ray's Facebook page you'll no doubt see that I've been posting over there.

This coming Saturday, November 22, Ray is to appear at Barnes and Noble in Louisville, Kentucky to sign copies of his memoir, Ray Stevens' Nashville. You can read about it HERE. Once there you'll be able to see the location and time of the appearance. Speaking of his book...he uploaded a commercial onto YouTube promoting the book...

I hope you all caught the previous 2 uploads of Rayality TV!! In my previous blog I embedded webisode 29. If you visit his YouTube channel you'll be able to see episodes 30 and 31.

A couple of days ago Ray co-hosted the Inspirational Country Music Awards. He co-hosted the event with Megan Alexander. If you do a Google Image search for Ray's name and the awards program you'll see pictures taken during the program. Yesterday I found an air-date for the event and it's scheduled to air next Saturday November 29th at 8pm Eastern on the NRB Network.

The program is to be streamed on-line and so on November 29th at 8pm Eastern you'll need to visit the NRB site and click "Watch Online 24/7". The program should be airing at that point in time. I'd suggest you click the on-line feature several minutes before 8pm so you won't miss anything. You can access the NRB site by clicking HERE.

If you hadn't made your purchase of the Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Volume One you can visit the Amazon page for the digital download HERE. "The Preacher and the Bear" and "If Jesus is a Stranger" continue to be the most purchased Mp3's from the collection. If you're like me and prefer the CD copy of the collection you can get that at Amazon, clicking HERE.

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