January 22, 2015

Ray Stevens to release brand new novelty song CD...

Has it really been a couple of weeks since I last posted here? My previous blog entry about Ray Stevens happened to be on December 31, 2014...but since there hadn't been any major announcements released in the interim I didn't compose any blog entries but that's all changed...

Ray made an appearance on Bill Cody's morning radio program in Nashville a couple of days ago (January 21st). I found out about the appearance by hearing a commercial for Tuesday morning's program that aired on Eddie Stubbs show. I was on my way to work Monday night and so hearing that commercial made the night go fast. The interview hasn't been archived and so it's one of those kinds of appearances that you either had to be aware of by viewing Bill Cody's page prior to January 21st or luck out and be listening to the station, as I happened to be, and hear a commercial promoting the appearance. The appearance on Bill's radio program served a couple of purposes, actually. 

First of all, Ray appeared at a book signing later that day. He's on an unofficial book tour...by unofficial I mean he doesn't have an itinerary of book signings lined up. Every so often they'll make an announcement of an upcoming book store appearance and he'll sign copies of the book. Ray's memoir, titled Ray Stevens' Nashville, has long since sold out in paperback form. The January 21st book signing took place at a store called Parnassus Books. 

If you missed the Parnassus book signing, don't fret, because there's another book signing that was announced yesterday. The upcoming book signing is to take place in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a shopping mall called Hamilton Place. The actual signing is at the Barnes and Noble book store located at the shopping mall. The date and time for the Ray Stevens book signing is February 7th at 1pm.   

You can read about the February 7th book signing HERE.

Secondly, in addition to promoting the book signing on January 21st, the Bill Cody interview also promoted the book, obviously! 

Lastly, near the end of the interview segment, Ray made the announcement of an upcoming novelty CD to be released this coming March!!! He gave the title as Here We Go Again and he even described the CD's album cover. Bill played a song that's to be on the CD...a song called "Pickin' on the Chicken" (from the pen of Ray's longtime friend/collaborator, Buddy Kalb). It's a song about a chicken...it has lyrics...so it's not a return to an all chicken-clucking performance like "In the Mood", for example. You'll hear cackling and clucking of chickens in the background, every so often, adding to the chicken's personal fowl mood.

Once it gets closer to March there should be more announcements made about it's release date. Bill mentioned March 12th as the release date but I could've misheard it...so be on the lookout for any statements from Ray surrounding this upcoming CD. My guess is the CD is going to be available at his on-line store, first, and then it'll be released all over the internet at a later date. 

I can't wait to add it to my collection!!

Ray Stevens has a birthday coming up on January 24th...this coming Saturday.

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