April 5, 2015

Ray Stevens: The Taylor Swift Music Video, entry 9...

Hello one and all! This Easter Sunday finds me updating this fan created blog page...my previous blog post arrived on March 29th, for those curious, and so it hasn't been a lengthy hiatus (only 5 days). During my 5 day hiatus Ray gave some interviews to some radio programs about his current CD and the music video that's helped promote the CD's availability but yet that isn't the biggest news surrounding the latest CD. I look for more announcements about the accomplishment to trickle out this week, though. It'll no doubt add to the publicity that the music video's already given the CD.

A couple of the radio interviews that Ray participated in included a call to a station in Mississippi billed as Super Talk during a shift hosted by an air personality called J.T. The program's title, The J.T. Show, has archives and those can be found HERE. Search for the April 2nd, first hour, audio link in his program's archive page. It's an illustration of live radio, too, because Ray had to push back his call-in until the last segment. According to the host Ray was suppose to be on earlier during the hour...but never fear, the host plays several Ray Stevens songs throughout to keep listeners enticed.

Secondly there's an interview conducted by Tom Gulley and you can listen to it HERE. In this interview, around the time the conversation glides into music videos, the phone connection goes out but Ray's quickly re-connected and goes about the interview describing the success that music videos have had in his career during the last 20+ years and how the creation of social media has enhanced his ability to reach audiences that otherwise may have never heard of him.

In the meantime the music video for "Taylor Swift is Stalkin' Me" grabbed an additional 12,196 people during the last several days to bring it's unique view total at the moment to 115,889.

For those that hadn't purchased his current CD, Here We Go Again!, you can do so HERE. It takes you to the Amazon product page.

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