June 29, 2015

Ray Stevens: You Didn't Build That...

Hello once more...and once again it's time to take a look at the results of the most recent YouTube offerings from Ray Stevens (specifically his previous series of music video releases).

Less than a year ago on September 24, 2014 Ray issued the music video "If You Like Your Plan". The song's title is based upon a catchphrase bandied around on campaign trails by Obama and those that support ObamaCare. The video offers a visual hook during the performance (obviously!) and so it's one of those songs that hold the distinction of debuting in video form prior to it's release as on CD/Mp3. To date that particular music video has received 104,932 unique views.

The simple truth is everyone that has healthcare has seen changes in their plans due to ObamaCare.

Beginning in January of this year my healthcare plan suddenly implemented a deductible. I'd had this plan for a number of years (through my employer) and had never, ever had to meet any kind of deductible until this year. Somebody somewhere decided my plan is part of a "high end medical plan" and therefore it requires a deductible now. I've not met that deductible and it's mathematically impossible to meet it during a 12 month calendar period.

It's no surprise that since 2009 Ray's become much more visible as a music video artist...and his YouTube channel is home to a variety of video clips of current, previous, and classic productions including clips from his 1970 summer television program!!

A video that's been lost amidst the other releases is "Nero Fiddled". It's a strong social commentary ballad that perhaps is a bit too strong for some to digest but it's nonetheless a gripping performance. It hit YouTube a little more than a month after "If You Like Your Plan".

Nero emerged on October 10, 2014 and so far it's gotten 38,836 unique views. One of the unusual aspects of the video is Ray appearing with his back to the camera at various moments throughout the video. At the beginning of the video he's seen playing the fiddle in suit and tie (presumably as Obama) and at various moments there's footage of Ray in ancient Rome attire (back to the camera) as Nero.The idea of Ray appearing with his back to the camera is apparently a reference to the idea of Nero/Obama turning their back to tragedy...

Shifting from political but still remaining in the topical category is Ray's previous music video...the novelty song titled "Taylor Swift is Stalking Me". This video's gotten more than 200,000 unique views since it's debut on February 24th. The most recent total as of this writing is 242,157. The song was Ray's first release off of his current CD, Here We Go Again!.

Ray's current video hit, "You Didn't Build That", is the second release from his current CD. This particular video hasn't reached it's full potential yet...sitting at the moment with 32,765 unique views. It's only been available on YouTube since May 19th and given the lack of a major political story in the national headlines (at the moment) the video hasn't gotten that boost that I feel it'll receive at some point. Unlike audio recordings that need boosts from radio airplay to reach a mass audience an on-line music video needs a boost from video sharing on social media outlets to reach a mass audience. If there's coverage on television or through talk radio (for politically driven songs) then that's an added bonus...but by and large on-line music videos live and die through social media and video sharing.

The song centers around Obama's social belief that human beings owe the Government their time, respect, and worship for all that the Government provides "to the people". Those that build roads, bridges, buildings, etc. should be thankful to the Government because if not for the Government "the people" couldn't get loans, tax breaks, assistance, or anything else. In the mindset of Obama a person doesn't do anything on their own and the Federal and State Government is the glue that holds a society together.

I just explained socialism in less than a paragraph...and Ray Stevens further demonstrates the socialism that exists under the surface in Obama's policies. I recommend all of you that are reading this to share this video with your friends if you hadn't done so already...


  1. I have an autographed copy of Ray Stevens Greatest hits on cassette. I got it from Amazon for only one cent. It's framed in my room.

  2. You have a groovy blog here. I'm learning a lot of things about the great Ray Stevens I never knew before. I love reading about Ray while I listen to him on my stereo. Keep the posts coming!


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