July 30, 2017

Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville series...

Hello all...I don't know if I usually write fan-created blog entries on Sunday mornings much anymore but this morning I decided to compose one. I was looking over some of my previous blog entries...more or less reviews of Ray's PBS television series, CabaRay Nashville. In one of those blog posts I shared a list of the upcoming episodes set to air on KET2 (the local PBS affiliate that carries Ray's television program). The list looked like this...

July 7 – Harold Bradley and Mandy Barnett
July 14 – Shenandoah
July 21 – Michael W. Smith
July 28 – B.J. Thomas
Aug 4 – Rhonda Vincent
Aug 11 – Restless Heart
Aug 18 – John Michael Montgomery
Aug 25 – Baillie & the Boys
Sept 1 – Tommy Roe
Sept 8 – Mark Wills
Sept 15 – Duane Eddy
All of those air-dates are from a copy of episodes and each of those air-dates happen to be on a Friday. OETA distributes Ray's television series and on their site they have an episode guide which lists the first 26 episodes set to air on PBS. The air-dates range from July 7, 2017 to December 29, 2017. That particular December episode is billed as The New Year's Eve episode following back to back Christmas episodes (December 15 and December 22). Each episode on OETA's list has already been taped and have air-dates scheduled. 
Local PBS stations have the option of carrying the program on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in the afternoon, evening, or night. So, technically, Friday is the day of the week for the earliest of air-dates. Several weeks ago KET2 added a couple of episodes to that list. I never made mention of it because of my preoccupation writing reviews of his television episodes. 
The two episodes added are for the month of September. So, going by the official Friday air-date method, September 22 will guest star Angaleena Presley and September 29 will guest star The Riders in the Sky. On KET2 those episodes will air September 23 and September 30. 
These 13 episodes are being promoted as his summer PBS schedule. I am hoping that there is going to be a fall PBS schedule of episodes released because there are 13 more episodes "in the can", as they say, for a total of 26 exclusive PBS episodes. 
KET2 doesn't have any episodes listed beyond September 30th and so I'm hoping that doesn't mean they're going to stop airing his program. This is why I hope that episodes are going to be added to KET2's web page to fill in the months of October through December. So, to my way of thinking, once it hits late August or early September KET2 may add the rest of the available episodes to their list. The OETA list of episodes I made mention of has episodes set to air on PBS stations throughout the rest of the calendar year. The first episode in October, for example, is to guest star Rex Allen, Jr. but given that KET2 doesn't provide any air-dates beyond September 30th I'm wondering if they'll air the episode or not. I'll find out more information, though.

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