August 23, 2017

Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville...Episode Update...

Hello all!! I decided to take a look at the local PBS station's website...the one that carries Ray's television show...and I received a wonderful surprise. For several blog entries I'd made mention that the episode list provided on KET2's website stopped on September 30th...and I was curious as to whether more episodes of the show would air. Well, a few minutes ago, I checked their website and learned that they added more episodes! They added 7 more episodes to their broadcast list!! So, as of this writing, the October and November air-dates on KET2, the local PBS affiliate in my area, are as follows:

October 7th: Rex Allen, Jr.

October 14th: Lari White

October 21st: Charley Pride

October 28th: Janie Fricke (billed as the Halloween episode)

November 4th: Gary Mule Deer

November 11th: Gary Morris (Patriotic episode)

November 18th: John Berry

Now, of course, there are even more episodes available for PBS stations to fill out the rest of November and December and it looks like those episodes are going to air on KET2 also because I can't see the station up and ending their broadcast of the show with a number of PBS exclusive episodes yet to air...but I'll wait and see if more episodes get added to their episode guide before getting even more excited than I already am!

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