August 6, 2009

Ray Stevens: Christmas Is Comin' Early

The word is out that on August 25 of this year...which is a few weeks from now...Ray Stevens will issue two seasonal collections on two CD's. The first collection is a re-release of his 1997 classic, Christmas Through a Different Window and the other collection, called Christmas, will feature brand new recordings. The difference being that the brand new offering will contain more traditional style holiday songs. The 1997 collection is purposely comical. So, on-line shoppers will be able to purchase the collections on August 25th, depending if you still don't own the 1997 collection. I myself will be purchasing the one entitled, Christmas. So far there hasn't been an official release of the song's that will be on the collection or what the CD cover art will look like. I came across a blog site the other day and the blogger listed 10 songs...saying those songs will be on the upcoming Christmas CD but I'll hold off putting a track list up. I'll wait until Ray's official web-site puts up more information. You'll be able to order the CD from Ray's on-line store. I don't know if there will be a pre-order availability or not at his site. I know that you can pre-order it at other on-line stores. They, too, don't offer an official track list. In the meantime you can check out his trucker CD, One for the Road, which features "Cooter Brown", a song being promoted on the Twitter web-site; or, you can check out his appearance on the Huckabee program which was uploaded onto You Tube.

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  1. I enjoy Ray's performances of his serious material much more than the comedy.
    I have always been amazed that the quality of his voice, as a "serious" performer has been minimized if not totally ignored. I was bothered by the fact that Johnny Cash's version of "sunday mornin comin down" hit big, when Ray's was so much better in every respect.
    Even Steven was and remains one of my favorite albums.
    He came into the spotlight about the same time as Neil Diamond. Yet, I suspect the only reason most people know of him is because of the comedy.


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