May 15, 2011

Ray Stevens and Obama Money, Part 5...

140,715 is the most up to date number of views for the "Obama Budget Plan" by Ray Stevens. The death of Osama bin Laden still carries a lot of priority as interviews with those in the NAVY Seals trickle out as well as interviews with former members of the Bush Administration.

As mentioned, the "Obama Budget Plan" video has obtained over 140,000 views since it's debut 2 weeks ago. At the moment his previous video, "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore" has 155,566 views. The "Osama Yo' Mama" music video has risen to 1,041,226 views. This is an increase of more than 60,000 views since the news was released about his death.

I'm hoping there's an upcoming media blitz from Ray surrounding the Spirit of '76 collection. Even with 2011 not being an election year it doesn't mean that America's voters have no opinions on the issues. I hope this Spirit of '76 collection of songs, as well as last year's We The People collection, helps secure an Obama defeat in 2012. One of the songs on the latest collection, "Mr. President, Mr. President", is one I'm hoping becomes a music video. It's amusing and catchy. I'd love it if Ray were to perform "Mr. President, Mr. President" at campaign rallies later this year and into 2012.

There's obviously nothing wrong with backing a candidate for President...but if the person being backed/endorsed doesn't get the nomination I think all Republicans should show their support for whoever gets the nomination. This coming election in 2012 is about removing Obama from power. It's not about gaining a "true Republican" as President or gaining a "fiscally responsible" person as President. The Republican party can't afford to continue to allow petty in-party bickering over who's a real or true Republican and allow Obama to use that political bickering to secure a victory next year. After the Republican nomination for President is decided I hope all factions of the party such as the social conservatives, the hard-line conservatives, the moderates and RINO's, all back whoever runs against Obama. Whoever runs against the Obama agenda will more than likely get the nomination for President in 2012. Should any Republican show uneasiness about telling it like it is or appear weary and intimidated at the idea of debating Obama...those Republicans shouldn't even be running!

The candidate has to be articulate and able to deflate Obama's monumental ego and point out all the flaws in the Obama vision of America and go after the policies already set in place by Obama. The candidate also has to explain how he or she will do things differently and why their way is better. In the meantime enjoy the "Obama Budget Plan" song/video and remind yourselves why his 2012 defeat is important.

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