September 17, 2011

Ray Stevens and those Green Jobs...

As global warming and the goal of "green jobs" continues to prove to be just a glorified dream of the far left and the rabid environmentalists. Last year Ray Stevens issued a music video addressing the global warming silliness. The video contains a lot of sight gags and so if you can't read the news crawl at the bottom of the screen due to the size of the embedded video you should watch it on You Tube at it's full size. The video, as mentioned, was released in June 2010 and it's a very funny story. The song also points out that there's nothing wrong with the people who are skeptical about global warming and all this green energy stuff. The trend lately is to accuse those who question global warming as being anti-environment and anti-planet.

Notice how similar that is with the current American Jobs Bill? Obama wants to blame Congress and those who oppose the huge sum of Government spending as being anti-worker. Even today he's demanding that Congress pass his jobs bill without delay...words we all heard during the Obama Care debate. Oops, that's right, there wasn't much of a debate...the Democrats rammed it through Congress. Now that the Republicans control the House it's clear that Obama's increasing annoyance with the process will be his main talking point going forward. I assume he's realizing everything isn't so rosy when his party doesn't control everything as they once did? It's the American way having debates in Congress instead of the quasi-dictatorial method that the President apparently prefers. Considering he likes to try and bully Congress and issue executive orders on everything that he knows wouldn't pass Congress the traditional way it's not very difficult for his critics to accuse him of attempting to turn America into any one of the socialist nations in Europe.

This brings us to the green jobs factory known as Solyndra. The breaking news is still fluid over what the White House or what Obama's underlings knew when the company received half a billion of our money. The company was refused a Federal loan in 2005 but it received the loan under the Obama Administration. Video of Obama visiting the plant in 2010 and gushing over the plant's goals is all over the internet. The bottom line is more than $500 million of tax payer money was wasted on this company. The big questions include whether the President was acting on political whim and attaching personal feelings toward a company that he authorized a tax payer loan to in spite of any warning signs that the company was headed for bankruptcy. Some say the President will blame the company for providing false information to them prior to the loan approval...time will tell what happens, though.

"The Solar Powered Song" was not issued as a single/music video by Ray Stevens but it's a very funny song from his 2010 album, We The People. Here's a link to the Mp3 at Amazon's store...

Solar Powered Song

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