September 28, 2011

Ray Stevens sings about Mr. President!!

Good Wednesday morning...the much anticipated new music video from Ray Stevens hit the internet today and it's gotten over a thousand views so far. "Mr. President - Mr. President" is one of the songs from his current Spirit of '76 CD and it's a song that he previewed during his C-PAC performance earlier in the year. When I heard the song for the first time during his C-PAC appearance I felt that it should become a single/video. The reason I felt that way is because the song's very funny and I think it's timely. The President, on his own, has painted himself into a corner. Given how rigid his far left ideology is and how it's played a big factor in his decision making it's useless for him to "try" and portray himself as a centrist President. If he tries to he'll only look like a phony and a fraud but somehow I think he'll forgo that inevitable conclusion and attempt to deceive the electorate once again in 2012. This Ray Stevens song goes a long way at poking fun at Obama's image that the President himself created with his attitude and demeanor toward his role as the President. In other words the President has his priorities mixed up as he continues to show little respect for America's values and traditions. This is a very funny song in my opinion and it should become another big hit on the internet and reach more than half a million people during the latter half of 2011.

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