November 13, 2011

Let's Discuss Ray Stevens, Part 35...

During the CMA festivities that took place in Nashville during the week of November 7, 2011 Ray Stevens made several appearances. He often appears at the publisher awards but usually there isn't an in-depth or conversational interview that takes place. An exception to the rule occurred when Ray found himself being interviewed by a radio DJ, who uses the name of Danger Frog, from a Pittsburgh radio station. A lot of country radio stations from around the country make the annual trip to Nashville to attend the festivities surrounding the CMA Awards.

The clip of Ray's interview was uploaded onto You Tube recently and here it is...


  1. Hello, ACountryFan! I happen to be a fan of Ray Stevens myself. My parents used to have two of his LP albums when I was a little kid, "Even Stevens" and "Gitarzan," and I used to love to listen to them, especially "Gitarzan." I'm currently trying to extensive research on his music and collect as many LPs and CDs (in print and out) as I can of his music. I've also been making note of which compilations of his music contain the original recordings of "Ahab the Arab" and "Harry the Hairy Ape" and which have the re-recordings from the "Gitarzan" album.
    There's a certain LP that I've been on the lookout for: "Both Sides of Ray Stevens." Ray Stevens' official site used to have it in the discography section but not anymore. I managed to find two British sellers selling on EBay, which leads me to wonder if it was originally released in the UK and then in the US as an import. Do you happen to know anything about it?
    I'd really appreciate it very much if you could find the time to E-mail me back or respond to this comment sometime soon (E-mail would actually be more convenient; address is and let me know about the collection "Both Sides of Ray Stevens." Thanks! All the best!
    - "jpete"

  2. Hello...

    The collection features 12 songs and was released in 1976 originally. It was released overseas as you had assumed. I don't know much about that particular collection, though, but I've seen it for sale on eBay, too. The credits show it was issued on Crown Records in England.


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