February 10, 2013

90 Minutes of Ray Stevens...

Good early Sunday morning any Ray Stevens fan or visitor...I found out about half an hour ago that there is to be a 90 minute salute to the one and only Ray Stevens this coming Tuesday, February 12th, on internet radio station KSAV. I found out about it by doing a routine blog search for Ray and This was one of the newest additions to the blog list.

In the article it states that the upcoming salute, on a program hosted by Dave White, will feature a lot of music from Ray Stevens as well as an interview. The article has only two errors which long time fans of Ray will spot right away.

In the article above it indicates that if people are unable to hear the show on the 12th then a podcast will become available on the 13th. Podcasts are extremely important, in my opinion, given the time zone differences all over the country. You can click Here and be taken to the podcast page. Keep checking that page for the addition of the Ray Stevens episode. As soon as it becomes available I'll be listening to it, of course, and letting you all know that it's available.

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