February 9, 2013

Ray Stevens and Rayality TV...

On this Saturday morning we take a look at the publicity that emerged the other day centering around the new Ray Stevens reality show, Ray-ality TV. The program, as mentioned in a previous blog, airs on the newly re-launched TNN. There was a media release informing the public and his fans that the channel will air 26 episodes of the series. This adds up to 26 reruns during a 52 week calendar year. It appears as if the new TNN has become available on some select cable outlets but the majority of it's availability continues to be through local affiliate sub-channels.

I hope TNN will one day become a channel on my cable provider, Time-Warner Cable. I live in the Midwestern part of the United States and there's a lot of rural consumers and country music fans in this part of the country and it seems as if it would be a natural that the new TNN would seek out the cable providers and channels in the region but as of now it's nowhere on my channel line-up.

Here's a link to a picture featuring Ray Stevens. It's a recent picture of his visit to the new TNN headquarters. The link will provide the names of the other people in the picture with Ray. Share the link with your friends. The same goes for the media release from the company that promotes Ray's music and appearances, Absolute Publicity. Music Row magazine's on-line site published this News article detailing the 26 episode commitment to Ray-ality TV. The link also features the video clip of Ray promoting the TV show. This is Ray's first ever television show since the 1970 summer series he hosted for Andy Williams. There have been pilots taped by Ray for possible television shows down through the years but none of those were picked up by any local or national network. I want to much to see the program as I'm sure every Ray Stevens fan does. Those fans of Ray who have access to the new TNN, I envy you.

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