March 6, 2013

Ray Stevens: Nostalgia Valley, Part 49...

Vintage Ray Stevens fans are in for a super treat in this installment of Nostalgia Valley. I happened to come across an upload of an early '80s television appearance by Ray Stevens. A lot of people may have been thinking 1970's or 1960's when I used the word 'vintage' but let's not forget this is 2013...and the early '80s was 30 years I think it's time that the 1980's should be described as 'vintage', too.

What is this super treat? It's Ray having a grand ole time on Barbara Mandrell's television program. He appears in an exercise/jogging sketch prior to performing the exquisite love ballad "Written Down In My Heart" (a Top-40 country hit for Ray in 1982). Later on he performs a duet with Louise Mandrell on "How Sweet It Is" and later joins the cast in a gospel segment where he performs a song titled "Hotline to the Lord". The other guest on the episode is Donny Osmond.

I don't know when the episode was taped or when it originally aired but the single was part of his 1982 album, Don't Laugh Now. The upload states that the episode is from 1981 but I'd say it was 1982. I wasn't able to get a good look at the production year when the closing credits were rolling. The bulk of the credits are written in a larger front while the production year was in tiny font for whatever reason. As far as I know Ray appeared on Barbara's show twice. In one appearance he performed "Ahab the Arab", "Misty", and in a duet with Louise on "With a Little Help From My Friends". I believe that episode aired in 1981 and the one above aired in 1982. In the episode above, as a reminder, Ray performs "Written Down In My Heart" and with Louise, "How Sweet It Is", while performing "Hotline to the Lord" during the gospel segment.

Enjoy the show!

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