March 25, 2013

Ray Stevens and the Red Hot Chili Cookoff...

Good Monday morning!! A few days ago I came across a link on a certain social media site that directed me to a Ray Stevens video titled "Red Hot Chili Cook Off". When I clicked the link I found out that the video was uploaded on March 20th. I found out about the video's existence on March 22. When I looked at the specifics of the video I noticed that it indicated the video was unlisted. So, going by that, I didn't embed the video...thinking that a few days later it would join the ranks of the listed. I was waiting for it to become officially listed but it's been almost a week now since it debuted on You Tube, with it still marked as an unlisted video, but since I've seen the video link shared on a couple of other blogs already I've decided to do the same...

Ray Stevens: Red Hot Chili Cook-Off  

The song is basically about a chili cook off and a man's experiences eating three different styles of chili in the fictional town of Jalapeno, Texas. We see Ray in casual, western-style attire...sampling from each bowl...and reacting to each. The best reaction, visually, is his encounter with a chili called Flame Thrower. There's long been what I consider an unofficial war between the chili's...there are many different kinds but there are two geographical locales that specialize in chili that leap to mind immediately and that's Texas and Mexico. The song/video gently spoofs the concept of labeling bowls of home made chili with ear catching names. Previously mentioned is Flame Thrower...the other two chili names are just as catchy. You'll have to watch the video to find out what the other two names are.

I'm sure segments of the population who relish in chili tasting or those who fancy themselves as consumers of ultra spicy, heartburn instigating food may get a chuckle while hearing the song. My mother often watches the Food Channel (or is it the Food Network?) and she sometimes watches programs that deal with people who pride themselves as being able to consume pounds of eye watering spicy food in one sitting. Ray's video/song has fun with that kind of occupation.

This being the video's 5th day on You Tube and with limited access it's managed to capture more than 3,000 views. The video perhaps may become publicly listed on You Tube on the 27th of March...which will be a week after it's debut...but there's no indication of this song being a part of some future release but I assume it will be. Time will tell...but in the meantime have some laughs while listening to and watching the "Red Hot Chili Cook Off".


  1. Dude, everything OK - you have not posted in a while

  2. Hello! Everything's okay...I decided to take a hiatus from this particular blog for a couple of reasons. First I wanted to let visitors have some time to browse through my archives rather than my posting one blog entry right after the other...burying a lot of my writings in the process as I had been doing for nearly 3 years.

    Also, there's not been a whole lot going on in Ray's career outside of what I wrote about in my previous blog. He DOES have a new feature consisting of the use of a smart phone and a corresponding phone number. I don't have a smart phone, or a cell phone, but I have a track phone.

    I also wrote a brief memorial of George Jones the other day. If you click my user name and see my profile you should be able to see a list of my other blogs. I also have what I call an Animated blog where I write mostly about cartoons but I also use the blog as a means of writing about things outside of my interests of Ray Stevens, George Jones, Conway Twitty, and the others.

    I hadn't abandoned this fan-created blog about Ray...that would never happen...I'm going to wait until Ray becomes more active again with his music before I start writing with frequency. I believe he'll be releasing a bluegrass CD this year...or at least that's what I hope will happen.


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