May 2, 2013

Ray Stevens has a Guilt For Christmas...

Welcome to the month of May! I ended up taking a hiatus during the month of April from this particular blog because there wasn't much Ray Stevens news or activity to comment about. Ray emerged with a new music video yesterday titled "Guilt For Christmas". So far the video's gotten a little more than 400 views. The video is publicly listed. In late April, Ray uploaded the video for "The Pirate Song". The video's a classic but it hadn't been officially released to You Tube until April of this year. So far the video's gotten 2,614 views.

The music video that was uploaded in March, "Red Hot Chili Cook-Off", was originally an unlisted video on You Tube. It's publicly listed now and as of today it's gotten 23,477 views!

Obviously this isn't the holiday season but "Guilt For Christmas" speaks of a much larger topic than the actual holidays. It's nice to see a visual and an alternate vocalization not found on the audio recording. The song first shown up on his Christmas Through a Different Window release.

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