May 9, 2013

Ray Stevens speaks of Illegal Immigration...

Good late afternoon fans of Ray Stevens! I just now came across a fairly recent interview that Ray gave regarding the subject of illegal immigration. The interview is about three and a half minutes in length, commercial free of course, and you'll be able to hear Ray give his thoughts on illegal immigration and more specifically "Come to the U.S.A.". The web-page has an embed of the music video for those out there who still haven't seen it yet. To date the video's gotten 6.3 million unique views during it's 3 year life span on You Tube. I've embedded the video once more, too.

You can listen to the interview HERE. If that link doesn't open up to the audio clip then you can always visit the site's main page HERE.

For those who frequent eBay there have been a few obscure items come up for sale on Ray Stevens lately. I've got most of the items but I sometimes like to point out if something becomes available that I've written about. The cassette tape of his 1980 album, Shriner's Convention, is once again being offered for sale. You can read about it HERE. From the same year, 1980, comes a magazine called Country Song Roundup. I've written about this before but it's become available again on eBay. The issue features Ray on the cover with a story tease about how he's more than meets the ear. You can find out about this HERE. Staying in this same time frame we have the LP version of Collector's Series. This project was released on RCA and featured just 8 selections (4 per side).

Ray's RCA catalog, as I've mentioned numerous times, is tragically under-rated and with the exception of at least songs the music's been out of print for more than 2 decades. The LP spotlights the years of 1980, 1981, and 1982 and can be found HERE. The two songs from Ray's RCA period that often show up on compilation releases are "Shriner's Convention" and "The Dooright Family", both from 1980.

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