September 24, 2014

Ray Stevens: If You Like Your Plan nearing 10,000 unique views...

Hello once again! It's been less than 2 days since the debut of the latest Ray Stevens YouTube music video, "If You Like Your Plan". It's nearing 10,000 unique views as of this writing. The totals so far are 7,298 and I happen to believe that the video is going to gain the 2,702 additional views needed to reach the 10,000 plateau in no time at all. It's gotten more than 7,000 unique views in less than 2 days so it's safe to say it'll leap into 10,000 territory and beyond in a matter of hours at the pace it's on.

All over the social network sites the video's being shared...the one that's gotten the most shares is the one that describes the video in this manner: "Ray Stevens Relentlessly Mocks Obama Care..." followed by a link to Ray's video. I happen to, of course, agree with that description even though I couldn't find those exact words to type the other day during my blog post as I was trying to come up with descriptions of my experience seeing the video...but yes, 'relentless' is a good way to describe Ray's visual performance...PERIOD!! (once you see the video you'll understand the reason I used that word!!).

There have been a number of comments about the video on it's YouTube page...a couple by Obama supporters...but the majority of the commentary (so far) are by those in support of Ray's video and the message it delivers.

As more and more liberals discover the video, though, the commentary section may end up becoming a cesspool of name calling, personal attacks, and vulgar language since history shows that's their favorite tactic in replying to ideologies they happen to disagree with but for now none of that immature commentary has taken over the comments area.

Here's the viral video hit from Ray Stevens... "If You Like Your Plan"...

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