September 3, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 21...

Hello's suddenly September!! This past Friday an installment of Rayality TV didn't appear on-line...I assume it most certainly had to do with the busy activities of Ray and company in the days after the release of The Gospel Collection, Volume One CD on August 19th. I hope those reading took advantage of my previous blog post and visited either of those six on-line music stores that I provided a link to. In case you missed the previous blog post I did you can either search the archives or click this LINK.

The link takes you to the official Ray Stevens store's product page for the gospel CD. You can also purchase it at other stores, too. In case you're wondering if an Mp3 exists the answer is yes. If you visit Amazon and search in the Digital Music section for 'Ray Stevens Gospel Collection', you'll see the Mp3 edition of the CD available for sale, too. The Mp3 doesn't have any reviews, though. The CD copy has my review and a review by another customer. The second review appeared on Amazon today. My review was published back on August 23rd.

Rayality TV 19 and 20 carried a Christmas theme and this one carries the theme even further and it's referred to as "Christmas In August, Part Three". Evidently, going by the title, this installment of the series had been put together late last month but, as mentioned, didn't make it to YouTube until today. The music videos of "Blue Christmas" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" make an appearance sandwiched between Ray's commentary about the season and political correctness.

In other news, Ray Stevens is scheduled to appear on The Grand Ole Opry on September 12th. This is referred to as the Friday Night Opry, technically, and Ray is scheduled to make an appearance on the 12th. At this time I have no idea which segment Ray is to make an appearance. I assume he'll appear during the last portion but it's hard to tell. You can listen to the Opry on WSM radio's website by simply clicking the Listen Live audio button. After the Opry broadcast Ray is to sign copies of his Nashville memoir. You can read about that book signing HERE.

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