October 2, 2014

Ray Stevens: If You Like Your Plan nearing 25,000 unique views...

Here it is October already...and in my first fan-created blog post for this month I take a look at the current YouTube video from Ray Stevens, "If You Like Your Plan". It's gotten a modest gain during the last couple of days as September turned to October. In my previous blog post on September 29th, three days ago, the video had gained 21,149 unique views by then. Since then it's gotten 2,768 additional views to bring it's total, as of now, to 23,917.

It hasn't reached the 25,000 level that I had predicted it might reach a couple of days back based on the pace it had been on. It needs 1,083 to reach the 25,000 plateau. I hope it accomplishes this as the day goes on. Once that happens let's see if it'll get to 30,000 in the not too distant future.

Feel free to share the video on the various social media sites so we can create even more awareness for it's existence.

If you've seen any of the midterm election campaign commercials there are many incumbents and challengers in the Democratic party that are steering clear of Obamacare and health care in general. They want to make it a non-issue so it doesn't become a talking point on the campaign trail...but the facts remain that those running as a Democrat, liberal, etc. etc. traditionally share the same values and beliefs of Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden.

By steering clear of Obama Care and having their names kept from being attached to the likes of Obama, Reid, Pelosi shouldn't be seen as those Democrats running for Federal or State office this midterm cycle disagree in any way with the things those three have done during their time in office. It's obvious, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, that candidates don't want to publicly address health care. An incumbent, however, has a record. A politician running for re-election doesn't have the luxury of saying they'll "be different" than the establishment.

It isn't a coincidence that since Obama Care's passage in 2010 several key members of Congress have conveniently "retired" or have decided not to run for re-election. Health care (Obama Care) and a string of unethical, illegal, and scandalous moments should rightfully define this midterm campaign season for the Democrats and it should be front and center in the campaigns from Republican, conservative/Tea Party challengers. The economy isn't booming and there isn't any proof that unemployment shouldn't be of concern anymore, regardless of it's national percentage rate.

The meat and potatoes issues of the economy, employment, and health care...coupled with military issues...are still important to a voter. The made-up "issues" by the Democrats (like equal pay, voter disenfranchisement, a so-called war on women) are simply non-issues, really. Those topics, as I refer to them, are elevated to relevant status by being constantly focused on in liberal blogs and on liberal news programs on a national level. By elevating those social topics nationally the Democrats obviously hope to distract voters from the real issues and to concentrate entirely on social topics. Obama's ascendency to the Oval Office clearly demonstrates the dangers of voters focusing on social topics and trendy buzzwords rather than seriously asking themselves if he's actually the right person for the job.

The majority of the voters failed in 2008 to recognize his incompetence during Obama-Mania and the 2012 re-election revealed that he couldn't maintain the Obama-Mania voter surge of 2008 because the popular vote in 2012 had Obama displaying 65,917,796 votes and Romney had 60,933,500 (a difference of 4.9 million). In 2008 Obama had 69,498,516 popular vote and McCain had 59,948,323...a difference of 9.5 million. Scaring seniors about medicare and portraying Romney as someone that'll take away senior citizen benefits played heavily in Florida and Ohio. California's notoriously liberal so it's often out of play for any Republican candidate. The fact that Obama still won re-election remains baffling but it reveals that in 2012 he could successfully be challenged...Romney didn't lose in a landslide, remember.

Ray visually refers to his "Mr. President-Mr. President" music video from September 2011. I made mention of it a couple of blogs ago. That particular YouTube video debuted on September 27, 2011 and it's gotten 1.5 million unique views so far...here it is...

On June 23, 2012 Ray Stevens gave us "Obama Nation". At the moment it's gotten 1.1 million unique views. Here's the video for that one...a nice blast from the not too distant past...

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