October 10, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 27 (final installment)

Hello to all the fans of Ray Stevens!! As you can see from the title of this blog entry I'll be embedding what's being called the final installment of Rayality TV...the on-going Friday series of skits, music videos, and commentaries from the one and only Ray Stevens.

I've embedded each installment from it's beginning through today...not all of those blog entries are named for Rayality TV...some of the installments of the on-line series I've included in blog entries I posted on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Episodes numbering 23, 24, 25, and 26 should be included in the blog entries named for Ray's current political music video, "If You Like Your Plan".

So, here it is...the final webisode of Rayality TV...and, ironically enough, it's one of the longest. It features the music video of "Hello Mama" and a performance from Bobby Bare, singing "Detroit City". There's a brief 10 second intermission after the scene between Nurse Broadside and Nurse Brick-House. The black screen begins at the 6 minute, 25 second mark. After 10 seconds Ray appears on-screen to introduce a segment at the fictional Encore Home starring the special guest, Bobby Bare. Ray is at the piano during the performance...wearing the denim shirt he wore for his 2009 CD, One for the Road.

If you're a detailed fan of Ray Stevens (rather than a casual fan) then you're well aware that the scenes on Rayality TV that took place at The Encore Home for Retired Entertainers came from an earlier on-line series Ray did titled We Ain't Dead Yet. Some installments of Rayality TV even include the theme song of that earlier on-line series and at the end of this final installment the audience shouts the phrase at Ralph Emery (making an appearance in the final seconds).

Some of the faces seen in the audience at The Encore in some of the Rayality TV installments include the late George Lindsey, producer/songwriter Norro Wilson (playing the resident named Robert, plagued with a cold pinky), Buddy Kalb (usually in character as one of the hippies or as Dudley Dorite), John Ragsdale (Ray's brother), Janice Copeland, Sabrina Shelfer, Darryl Waltrip, and several others whose names I don't know but their faces are familiar.

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