August 31, 2015

Ray Stevens: Australian Import CD

Hello once more! Tomorrow being September 1st I thought I'd remind you all that it's the final day to purchase Ray's Such a Night DVD at it's current selling price. It's more or less half-priced and so get your orders in TODAY if you're interested in purchasing a DVD of one of his concerts taped in Branson, Missouri at this low price. You can purchase your copy HERE. I mentioned this sale in my previous blog entry but since it's been a couple of weeks I thought I'd mention it once more.

There's to be another compilation CD on Ray Stevens to hit the market. This time around it's a project from Australia on a label called Fanfare Records. The project is titled The Very Best of Ray Stevens but there's no information about the songs. The CD's cover uses the image of Ray from 1971's Greatest Hits on Barnaby. This may be an indication that the CD is a re-issue of a previously released Very Best Of package or it's an all-new compilation featuring contemporary liner notes. The generically titled Very Best Of... prefix appears on numerous Ray Stevens compilation projects released domestically and overseas for more than 30 years. Almost all of them feature the same selection of songs such as "The Streak", "Gitarzan", "Misty" but in different sequential order. The only differences being the label/distributor of the project, cover art, and if it features liner notes exclusive to the release.

A site called JB Hi-Fi, from Australia, has the CD listed on their page. The site also provides cover art...something lacking on Amazon's product page for the same CD. Also, the CD is going to be released on September 4, 2015 via the Australian site but then a week later it's to become available on Amazon on September 11th.

It's hard to tell if this CD is going to offer anything different since there's no track listing available or if there's going to be liner notes from an Australian point of view. Once more information becomes available I'll put together another blog entry.

There needs to be a compilation CD of his country music hit singles, specifically the years 1976-1983. Those recordings, the bulk of them at least, are so scarce and so routinely unavailable it's long been an annoyance of mine as to their lack of exposure. It's been 20 years since the release of the 3 CD compilation package by Warner Brothers on Ray Stevens. The 1995 releases of Cornball, The Serious Side of Ray Stevens, and Do You Wanna Dance? did a decent job of bringing back his obscure catalog for the label but there's been nothing since and he recorded a lot more for the label than those compilations spotlighted.

To put it into perspective...even though it's 2015, fans still have to rely on their vinyl albums or search for the vinyl albums on-line because the studio albums he recorded for Warner Brothers (1976-1978), RCA (1980-1982), and the one he did for Mercury in 1983 have never been reissued on CD or Mp3 but all of his other studio albums that were originally released on vinyl have seen a CD or Mp3 release at some point.

Here's the link to Ray's store once again...and the DVD currently on sale at the moment... Ray Stevens Store.


  1. You mean Barnaby's "Losing Streak" finally got released in some other form? What about LP "Have a Little Talk w Myself"

    1. No, it's still unavailable in any format except vinyl. During the writing of that blog entry I had been focused on the late '70s and early '80s period. Both the "Losin' Streak" and "Have a Little Talk with Myself" LP's are still unavailable on CD/Mp3.


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