August 5, 2015

Ray Stevens: You Didn't Build That, blog 2...

Hello once more...for those that hadn't purchased the Ray Stevens DVD titled Such a Night...50 Years of Hits and Hilarity (2012) it's on sale for the remainder of August. The sale ends on September 1st! Dropping in price from $24.95 to $12.50 and here's the LINK to view the product for yourselves.

In an update on the most current YouTube video by Ray Stevens, titled "You Didn't Build That", the numbers are 41,815. The song's about Obama's attitude toward American business and his Socialist ideals that nobody should claim anything they've earned for their own but rather share one's income, luxury, and fortunate circumstances freely and thank the Government, ultimately, for one's economical fortunes and opportunities. It's another serious, hard-hitting message but there's not been much, if any, publicity for it beyond the video sharing on-line. It's apparently become secondary given the busy schedule of concert travel, performances, and other activities...but let's also not forget that Obama's time as President is nearing entry into it's final year...and let's also not forget that Obama no doubt plans to speed up/accelerate whatever remaining goals he has in store for America's economy and society...and so don't be lulled into a sense of relief that 2016 is an election year and that he'll wind down and ease up on his socialistic agenda. If anything be prepared for hyper-activity and even more damage-inducing policies.

Don't forget that "You Didn't Build That" can be found on his current CD, Here We Go Again!, and that can be purchased HERE. At the moment there are 14 customer reviews on Amazon of the CD.

It must be a sign of the times but customer's nowadays don't seem to put much into their reviews anymore. My review (dated March 25) is lengthy and there's another review (dated March 24) that's expressive, too, but the remaining 12 are either one sentence or one word in length.

My guess is the reactions come from mobile devices...perhaps from customers used to the fast pace of character-limited social media chit-chatting and text messaging that it's become habit for super brief commentary no matter if there's not a character limit in place. It isn't just the reviews of Ray's music but it's across the internet landscape. Lengthy, descriptive, wordy commentary still exists but it hit me that it's becoming an endangered species ( takes me at least 5 or maybe 10 years, maybe longer, to realize cultural changes have occurred). Here's the image of the current CD from Ray Stevens...

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