January 15, 2016

Ray Stevens: Monument Singles CD...

Hello all the Ray Stevens fans!! I've just returned from reading up on social media sites searching for any of the latest comments and, or, news surrounding Ray. I am here to announce that there's going to be a compilation CD featuring the single releases of Ray Stevens during the time he was on Monument Records as a recording artist (1965-1970). The CD is being offered on a United Kingdom site called Ace Records. The title of the CD is Face The Music: The Complete Monument Singles (1965-1970) and it features a clean-shaven Ray, arms folded, looking as if he's about ready to bust out laughing at something he's hearing or seeing. The CD focuses only on the 12 single releases issued by Monument, presenting each A-side and B-side in chronological order, for a total of 24 recordings. It isn't a complete collection of recordings from that time period (his 1969 album, Have a Little Talk with Myself, has yet to get released on CD) it's just a collection of the single releases. There are three specific recordings from the 1969 album that make their CD debut here. "Little Woman", "The Fool on the Hill", and "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight". Several other Monument recordings mark their debut on CD here: "A-B-C", "Make a Few Memories", and "There's One in Every Crowd". The CD's selling price in the United Kingdom is 11 pounds, 50 pence. I visited a currency converter site and if I entered the numbers in correctly it equals $16.39 in U.S. dollars before shipping and handling. Do not take my message about the price of the CD as a guarantee that it's accurate. I'm going to post a link to the on-line store that's selling this CD and once there you'll find contact numbers and addresses for specific questions you may have regarding the CD's price in American dollars and the shipping method, etc. etc.

To see more information about the above CD, such as all 24 recordings, click HERE. The CD's release date is February 26th. As of this writing there isn't any indication that it'll become imported to America and sold on domestic music sites and so for the time being it'll only be available for purchase through on-line music sites headquartered overseas.

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