July 24, 2016

Ray Stevens Nashville...Number 1 on RFD-TV...

Hello all of you fans of Ray Stevens!! I'm sure by now you've heard the great news that Ray's television program, Ray Stevens' Nashville, is RFD-TV's #1 program. This bit of news came out slowly the latter half of this past week but several on-line sites, including those ran by country music radio stations, have since added it to their news sections. Ray's program debuted on the satellite and cable channel this past November in the 8:30pm Eastern time slot on Saturday night. The series continues to air in this time slot and it airs repeats a couple times during the week. The series is in it's second season of programs. I mention it in that manner because it, like almost all of the other original programs on RFD-TV, have 13-episode production cycles and this is vastly different from the routine production cycles of programs that exist on broadcast television. In broadcast television 26 consecutive first-run episodes ordinarily make up a television season. Those 26 episodes get re-ran in the spring and summer months to total a 52 week calendar year. The programs that air on RFD-TV tend to have 13 first-run episodes per 'season', then there's a re-run period, totaling 26 air-dates. Then 13 additional first-run episodes air, billed as a new season even though it's technically the second half of the existing season, and those episodes then get re-ran. Altogether it adds up to the same 52 week time frame even though the manner in which the episodes make it to the air is vastly different. In broadcast television 26 first-run episodes (plus 26 re-runs) are considered one season but things are a bit different in the world of cable television. I guess by having the episodes airing in this fashion it cuts out the inevitable airing of 26 consecutive re-runs...and so, to eliminate that, the series appears to have a 13 first-run/13 re-run, 13 first-run/13 re-run production cycle.

Sorry to get so technical and confusing but I like to be detailed...

The series, as mentioned, debuted in November of 2015. The actual air-date for the debut is November 7th. Here is a list of episodes that have aired so far...I've listed them in chronological order and listed the guest artist...

1. Steve Wariner (debut episode; November 7, 2015)
2. Don Schlitz
3. Bobby Bare
4. Larry Gatlin
5. Charlie McCoy
6. Bobby Braddock
7. Suzy Bogguss (Christmas episode)
8. Jimmy Fortune
9. Aaron Tippin
10. John Conlee
11. Tanya Tucker and T.G. Sheppard
12. Darryl Worley and Lee Greenwood
13. Suzi Ragsdale and T. Graham Brown
14. Billy Dean
15. James Gregory; the Helen Highwater String Band
16. Bobby Goldsboro
17. Williams and Ree
18. The Bellamy Brothers
19. The Gatlin Brothers
20. Gene Watson
21. Collin Raye
22. Bill Anderson
23. Sylvia
24. Con Hunley
25. Leroy Van Dyke
26. Janie Fricke (this episode is scheduled to air July 30th)

Here's a LINK reporting about Ray's television series hitting #1...becoming the most-watched series among RFD-TV viewers.

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