July 11, 2016

Something's Coming...it's Ray Stevens...

Yes, "Something's Coming" to a town near you and it's the one and only Ray Stevens. In a little more than a month from today there is to be a concert by Ray Stevens at the Chocktaw Casino in Pocola, Oklahoma. The concert gets underway at 8pm on August 12th. You can either visit the Casino's website by clicking HERE or by calling Ticket Master directly at 1-800-745-3000. Since it's taking place at a Casino there's strict rules about the audience and carry-in items. You have to 18 years of age or older and you can't bring in any kind of recording equipment. Also, given that it's a Casino performance and not a venue for a general audience of all age groups and less strict rules chances are the appearance isn't going to get much hype; but, if you're an adult and are in the area or are a fan of Ray's and decide you want to make the trip to Pocola, Oklahoma then click the link I embedded or call the number for tickets. The concert is just a little more than a month from today.

In the meantime do any of you have the latest CD from Ray Stevens? I purchased my copy almost a month ago. The CD, Just a Closer Walk with Thee/Gospel Favorites had it's release nearly a month ago on June 17th. If you follow his career as closely as I do then you'll be aware that there has not been any sort of publicity or campaign surrounding this CD...yet. It's a follow-up to his 2014 gospel collection. Back then most of the publicity fell on the shoulders of the Gaither company and various southern gospel outlets. Ray also made the rounds of various gospel television programs but so far there hasn't been the same kind of publicity for this particular CD...maybe you get the sense that I'm impatient...but I'm not. I'm merely anxious to see if Ray is going to promote the CD and perform some of these songs and create awareness for the CD's existence or if this is going to be a CD that gets lost in the shuffle of other projects. In my Amazon review of the CD I pointed out some of the songs that I hope get promoted as single releases. One of those is "Something's Coming". I like that melody and the message and it's a catchy song, too. You can purchase the song on Amazon by clicking HERE. I'd also encourage you, once you're at Amazon, visit the CD's main page...or you can visit it by clicking HERE. Also not to be overlooked is his version of "This Ole House"! This is a great gospel CD from the one and only Ray Stevens!

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