September 25, 2016

Ray Stevens Charity Golf Classic...

Hello once again...thanks goes out to all of you Ray Stevens fans for helping make "Dear America" a viral video hit. The video's gotten more than 192,000 unique views. Specifically it's at 192,961. I've been keeping track of the video's numbers even though I hadn't posted a blog entry in several days but that bit of information goes without saying...but I decided to say it nonetheless.

On 9/11 the video had 155,332 unique views. It's obtained 37,629 over the last two weeks.

The focal point of this blog entry happens to be an upcoming event...the Ray Stevens Charity Golf Classic. The event is scheduled to take place over a two day period, October 7th and October 8th, at The Temple Hills Country Club in Franklin, Tennessee. Ray and special guests are going to put on a concert on October 7th and then, the following day, the 18-hole golf event is to take place. Ray's been a golf enthusiast for decades but I don't post much, if any, about his golf hobby because it's something he does in his personal/private life and obviously it has no relevance to his music career...until now, that is!

You'll have to register for the event. Given this is September 25th and the event takes place on the 7th and 8th of October I'd call the country club for specific details as far as tickets are concerned. There's a page providing a registration form and a list of donation options to choose from. The Silent Auction, Gala, and Entertainment hosted by Ray Stevens on October 7th is available for a $50.00 option (it's listed fourth from the bottom in the registration options list).

Again, I don't know anything about ticket situation and if the country club mails tickets or if registration to the event and paying on-line is enough to get you inside the country club next month. You can see the registration form by clicking this LINK. As mentioned, if you look through the registration options, you'll come across the section featuring Ray Stevens. I assume if you select that option you'll only be able to gain access to the country club for that particular event and once it's over you'll have to leave.

Anybody wanting to know much more in-detail information should call 1-615-646-4785. Once you call ask about the Ray Stevens concert that's to take place and how you'll be able to see the event. They're open today (Sunday) and so if you're seriously thinking of attending the event next month I'd call today and get ticket information as soon as possible.

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