October 9, 2016

Ray Stevens CD Special...

Hello fans of Ray Stevens! I hope those that attended the Ray Stevens Charity Golf Classic over the last couple of days (October 7th and 8th) had a ball...yes, pun intended. A photo emerged on social media from Ray's concert at the Temple Hills country club. It appeared on Twitter from username, The Parkes Companies, on October 7th. The image is a bit blurry but it's definitely Ray Stevens.

Back on October 1st I came across a peculiar CD listed for sale on Amazon. The CD, titled Love Lifted Me, is from Ray Stevens. The reason I use the word, peculiar, is because the CD appeared from out of nowhere. At first I thought that the CD's appearance happened to be a mistake on Amazon's part because October 1st happened to be a Saturday...not typically the day of the week a CD is released to the public. Later on (several days later on October 5th specifically) a video clip emerged on Ray's YouTube channel promoting the CD's release. The CD is available for purchase on Amazon, as mentioned, and it's also available for purchase at Ray's web-store. It's released on his latest imprint, CabaRay Entertainment.

The video clip from Ray promotes a 3-CD special offer of gospel music. Ray Stevens Gospel Collection, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and Love Lifted Me are being offered in a sale. As a bonus attraction there's to be a signed copy of a CD single of his recent video hit, "Dear America". There isn't any CD single available of the song anywhere else...it's only available for purchase as an Mp3...but in this limited time offer you'll get a CD copy of the song autographed by Ray. The "Dear America" music video, by the way, has gotten 203,935 unique views to date.

As you'll see in the video clip there's something special about the Love Lifted Me collection. Ray explains the idea behind the collection in the video clip. The advertisement, as you'll see, was taped on the set of the #1 television program on RFD-TV, Ray Stevens' Nashville.

Some of the songs you'll hear on the 3 collections are "If Jesus is a Stranger", "The Preacher and the Bear", "Onward Christian Soldiers", "Something's Coming", "Rusty Old Halo", "This Ole House", and more!!

On the concert trail Ray is to appear at The Alabama Theatre on October 15th. You can click HERE to find out more information and purchase tickets.

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