December 13, 2008

Home For the Holidays

This here is my video montage of Home For the Holidays by Ray Stevens. The song comes from his holiday release, "Christmas Through a Different Window". I wrote a long review of that particular album a few blog's ago. The video montage I put together last week. I did this and Guilt For Christmas but I didn't highlight anymore songs. The holiday CD is still available on-line for, if you like what you hear...

I tend to post in Christmas colors out of habit whenever the subject at hand involves the holiday. Also, I like to post in different colors instead of the dull type that is used if one doesn't choose to post with color. I've had plenty of blog's posted without colors and they're all good...but color seems to color the posts. I'm rambling, of course...i'm waiting on the video montage to get through uploading so I can post the blog. I'll be doing a blog later on about a particular Ray Stevens song not associated with the holiday...the video just uploaded...end of discussion.

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