December 13, 2008

Ray Stevens 1970 TV Guide

I recently stumbled upon a TV Guide in my closet from 1970. I do have several vintage TV Guides from the 1970's and 1980's...almost every issue from 1992 onward to 1999...but this particular 1970 TV Guide I bought on eBay. It is because there is an article about Ray Stevens in it. The article's title may sound a bit harsh: "This stand-in doesn't stand-out" but the bulk of the article is simply about how low-key Ray's career has usually always been...where there are periods in his career when it seems like he's everywhere, he's everywhere and then there are times when it seems like he's in hiding. The article is actually positive and Ray gives his thoughts of the war and some other things. The article's writer brings up the question of why a low-key act like Ray Stevens was offered the shot of hosting the coast-to-coast summer show for Andy Williams. The show's producers/staff offer their opinion on Ray...all of them coming to basically the same conclusion that Ray is a "nice guy and that's a rarity in this business" and other heaps of praise.

There are two videos that I put of them is just a show off...and the second video is my trying to point where Ray's TV show was listed in the TV Guide. 7:30pm Saturday night. And so, without further is one of the videos...


It's a rather long clip...a lot of "dead air" as I flip through the pages. I am not a web-camera junkie and so i'm always forgetting to move in the opposite direction in order for the image to be captured moving in the right direction. In the video below, which is way shorter...i'm pointing to the TV listings...7:30pm...the Ray Stevens Show...


And there you have it...two amateur home made videos. The Ray Stevens goodies...high in polyunsaturated goodness.

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