June 24, 2009

Ray Stevens: The Incredible World

It's me again, Ray fans...in this particular blog entry I'm spotlighting two CD collections with the same name but different songs. The Incredible World of Ray Stevens is the name of two 3-CD collections that were released in the mid 1990's. All over the internet you'll more than likely find this collection for sale but what most do not know is, depending on the cover picture of Ray, the song titles will be different. I came across one on-line store who shall go nameless offer this title for sale...in big headlines in the seller's own words: "Ray Stevens...34 Hits all together" but the CD they were offering is the one that featured 30 songs.

This is what the 30 song 3-CD collection looks like...


Even though some places show this CD they list the 34 songs that appear on the other same titled collection...which I have in my collection...click the image for a bigger look...


In the 30 song collection we have the following songs. CD #2 is Ray's 1984 album, He Thinks He's Ray Stevens; CD #3 is Ray's 1987 album, Crackin' Up; and CD #1 is a compilation album simply called Everything Is Beautiful which contains songs picked at random:

CD #1
1. Vacation Bible School; 1985
2. Kiss a Pig; 1985
3. Everything Is Beautiful; 1970
4. Santa Claus Is Watching You; 1985
5. Smoky Mountain, Rattlesnake Retreat; 1986
6. People's Court; 1986
7. Surfin' USSR; 1988
8. The Streak; 1974
9. Fat; 1986
10. Armchair Quarterback; 1985

CD #2
1. I'm Kissin' You Goodbye
2. It's Me Again, Margaret
3. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
4. Ned Nostril
5. Fred
6. Erik the Awful
7. The Monkees
8. Joggin'
9. Happy Hour
10. Furthermore

CD #3
1. Would Jesus Wear a Rolex
2. Three Legged Man
3. Cool Down, Willard
4. I'm My Own Grandpaw
5. The Ballad of Cactus Pete and Lefty
6. Sex Symbols
7. Gourmet Restaurant
8. The Flies of Texas
9. Doctor, Doctor Have Mercy On Me
10. The Day That Clancy Drowned

In the 34 song collection that you see me holding in the above picture, Crackin' Up is CD #3 and so I won't be writing the song-titles again; but for CD #1 and CD #2 we have 12 songs each, giving us 24 total...plus the 10 on the third CD brings us to 34 altogether. The songs on CD #1 and CD #2 are as follows:

CD #1
1. Yakety Yak; 1969
2. The Streak; 1974
3. Alley Oop; 1969
4. Games People Play; 1969
5. Bagpipes, That's My Bag; 1966
6. Mary, My Secretary; 1967**
7. Misty; 1975
8. Jeremiah Peabody's Green and Purple Pills; 1961
9. Harry the Hairy Ape; 1969
10. Everything Is Beautiful; 1970
11. Freddy Feelgood; 1969
12. Hair; 1969

CD #2
1. Ahab the Arab; 1969
2. Mr. Custer; 1969
3. Bridget the Midget; 1970
4. Easy Lovin'; 1973
5. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window; 1970
6. Indian Love Call; 1975
7. Gitarzan; 1969
8. Turn Your Radio On; 1971
9. Little Egypt; 1969
10. Along Came Jones; 1969
11. Mr. Businessman; 1968
12. Walk a Mile In My Shoes; 1970

The record label mis-spelled "Gitarzan" on the CD. They wrote it like you'd spell guitar plus "zan" and so on the CD it appears "Guitarzan". The u in guitar is intentionally left-off in the official spelling of the song because it gives it a comical appearance. Some places still spell it "Guitarzan" but this would be incorrect. The actual spelling is "Gitarzan".

**- I believe this marks the first time "Mary, My Secretary" has appeared on any CD compilation. I don't even think it's appeared in any vinyl compilations. The song was released as a b-side of a single-only project and so my guess is, this CD collection marks it's debut on a CD.

And so, there you have it. The two 3-CD collections with the same title but different track list and different picture of Ray on the cover.

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