December 20, 2009

Ray Stevens: The Complete Singles Discography

Is everyone ready? I've come across some sites on-line that have listed the singles that Ray Stevens has released through the years. While they're few and far between over the course of 4 or 5 years I always seem to come across discographies that just don't look too professionally put together. It's as if it was a rush job of some kind, on the part of the web master. While it's not a walk in the park putting one of them together, some sense of professionalism should still be in order. I'll get this out of the way first and foremost...I won't be supplying catalog numbers. I'll list the singles and provide label information. The quantity of singles began to dry up by the late 1980's as consumers were buying full length albums instead of the "hit" recording. I'll add any information about the singles such as gold or platinum certification and whether or not a single reached the Hot 100 pop chart or the country charts. So, it'll be a dizzying list of songs because as most people know, pop and country artists at one time released more singles than albums. Another warning...the list is as complete as I know...I'm sure there are obscure releases that even nut-cases like myself aren't aware of. If a single reached the Top-40 I'll make a note of it. If a single charted below the Top-40 I'll simply refer to it as a Hot 100 entry, or a "chart hit" when we reach the country music era. As we get into the late 1980's and early 1990's the 45 RPM single had become less and less a feature in Ray's career. After 1990 his main focus shifted to music video's and his theater in Branson, Missouri {1991-1993}. Ray would continue to sing and promote songs from the albums he would release throughout the 1990's but they were never released commercially as 45 RPM's. After the demise of the 45 RPM as a commercially popular item, radio stations began to play songs from albums/CD's based upon what the record label promoted as a "single" even though there wasn't an actual commercial single in stores for consumers to purchase. This era began at some point in the early 1990's, perhaps 1992-1993. By the end of the decade a "45" in the mind's of most radio listeners meant a handgun instead of an item containing music. After 1989 I start to list songs that Ray promoted from his albums as "singles"...

1. Silver Bracelet / Rang Tang Ding Dong; 1957 Prep Records

2. Five More Steps / Tingle; 1957 Prep Records

3. Chickie Chickie Wah Wah / Crying Goodbye; 1958 Capitol Records

4. Cat Pants / Love Goes On Forever; 1958 Capitol Records

5. The School / The Clown; 1958 Capitol Records

6. High School Yearbook / Truly True; 1959 NRC Records

7. What Would I Do Without You / My Heart Cries For You; 1959 NRC Records

8. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon / Who Do You Love; 1960 NRC Records

9. Happy Blue Year / White Christmas; 1960 NRC Records {instrumentals}

10. Jeremiah Peabody / Teen Years; 1961 Mercury Records Top-40 pop

11. Scratch My Back / When You Wish Upon a Star; 1961 Mercury Records

12. Ahab the Arab / It's Been So Long; 1962 Mercury Records Top-5 pop; Top-10 R&B; Gold single

13. Furthermore / Saturday Night at the Movies; 1962 Mercury Records Hot 100 entry

14. Santa Claus Is Watching You / Loved and Lost; 1963 Mercury Records Hot 100 entry

15. Funny Man / Just One of Life's Little Tragedies; 1963 Mercury Records Hot 100 entry

16. Harry the Hairy Ape / Little Stone Statue; 1963 Mercury Records Top-20 pop; Top-20 R&B

17. Speed Ball / It's Party Time; 1963 Mercury Records Hot 100 entry; Top-30 R&B

18. Butch Babarian / Don't Say Anything; 1963 Mercury Records

19. Bubble Gum The Bubble Dancer / Laughing Over My Grave; 1964 Mercury Records

20. Rockin' Teenage Mummies / It Only Hurts When I Love; 1965 Mercury Records

21. Mr. Baker The Undertaker / Old English Surfer; 1965 Mercury Records

22. A-B-C / Party People; 1966 Monument Records

23. Devil May Care / Make a Few Memories; 1966 Monument Records

24. Freddy Feelgood / There's One In Every Crowd; 1966 Monument Records Hot 100 entry

25. Mary, My Secretary / Answer Me, My Love; 1967 Monument Records

26. Unwind / For He's A Jolly Good Fellow; 1968 Monument Records Hot 100 entry

27. Mr. Businessman / Face The Music; 1968 Monument Records Top-30 pop

28. The Great Escape / Isn't It Lonely Together; 1968 Monument Records B-side charted R&B; A-side Bubbled Under the Hot 100

29. Gitarzan / Bagpipes, That's My Bag; 1969 Monument Records Top-10 pop; Gold single

30. Along Came Jones / Yakety Yak; 1969 Monument Records Top-30 pop

31. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down / The Minority; 1969 Monument Records Hot 100 entry; Country chart hit

32. Have a Little Talk With Myself / Little Woman; 1969 Monument Records Country chart hit

33. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight / The Fool On the Hill; 1970 Monument Records

34. Everything Is Beautiful / A Brighter Day; 1970 Barnaby Records #1 pop for 2 weeks; #1 Easy-Listening; Top-40 country; Gold single; Grammy winner

35. America, Communicate With Me / Monkey See, Monkey Do; 1970 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Top-20 Easy-Listening

36. Sunset Strip / Islands; 1970 Barnaby Hot 100 entry; Top-20 Easy-Listening

37. Bridget The Midget / Night People; 1970 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Top-5 United Kingdom

38. A Mama and a Papa / Melt; 1971 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Top-10 Easy-Listening

39. All My Trials / Have a Little Talk With Myself; 1971 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Top-10 Easy-Listening

40. Turn Your Radio On / Loving You On Paper; 1971 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Top-30 Easy-Listening; Top-20 Country

41. Love Lifted Me / Glory Special; 1972 Barnaby Records Top-10 Bangkok

42. Losin' Streak / Inside; 1973 Barnaby Records

43. Nashville / Golden Age; 1973 Barnaby Records Top-40 Country

44. Love Me Longer / Float; 1973 Barnaby Records

45. The Streak / You've Got the Music Inside; 1974 Barnaby Records #1 pop for 3 weeks; #1 United Kingdom; Top-5 Country; Gold single

46. The Moonlight Special / Just So Proud To Be Here; 1974 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry

47. Everybody Needs a Rainbow / Inside; 1974 Barnaby Records Top-20 Easy-Listening; Top-40 Country

48. Misty / Sunshine; 1975 Barnaby Records Top-20 pop; Top-10 Easy-Listening; Top-5 Country; Grammy winner

49. Indian Love Call / Piece of Paradise; 1975 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Top-40 Country

50. Young Love / Deep Purple; 1975 Barnaby Records Hot 100 entry; Country chart hit

51. Lady of Spain / Mockingbird Hill; 1976 Barnaby Records

52. You Are So Beautiful / One Man Band; 1976 Warner Brothers Top-20 Country

53. Honky Tonk Waltz / OM; 1976 Warner Brothers Top-30 Country

54. In The Mood / Classical Cluck; 1976 Warner Brothers Top-40 pop; Top-40 Easy-Listening; Top-40 United Kingdom; Top-40 Country; released as the Hen House Five Plus Too

55. Get Crazy With Me / Dixie Hummingbird; 1977 Warner Brothers Country chart hit

56. Dixie Hummingbird / Feel the Music; 1977 Warner Brothers Country chart hit

57. Be Your Own Best Friend / With a Smile; 1978 Warner Brothers Top-40 Country

58. I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow / Daydream Romance; 1979 Warner Brothers Hot 100 entry; Country chart hit; Top-20 Easy-Listening

59. The Feeling's Not Right Again / Get Crazy With Me; 1979 Warner Brothers

60. Shriner's Convention / You're Never Goin' To Tampa With Me; 1980 RCA Records Top-10 Country

61. Night Games / Let's Do It Right This Time; 1980 RCA Records Top-20 Country

62. One More Last Chance / I Believe You Love Me; 1981 RCA Records Top-40 Country

63. Written Down In My Heart / Country Boy, Country Club Girl; 1982 RCA Records Top-40 Country

64. Where The Sun Don't Shine / Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Make Love; 1982 RCA Records Country chart hit

65. Piece of Paradise Called Tennessee / Mary Lou Nights; 1983 Mercury Records

66. Game Show Love / My Dad; 1983 Mercury Records

67. Love Will Beat Your Brains Out / Game Show Love; 1983 Mercury Records

68. My Dad / Me; 1984 Mercury Records Country chart hit

69. I'm Kissin' You Goodbye / Joggin'; 1984 MCA Records

70. Mississippi Squirrel Revival / Ned Nostril; 1984 MCA Records Top-20 Country; Top-20 Sales

71. It's Me Again, Margaret / Joggin'; 1985 MCA Records Country chart hit

72. The Haircut Song / Punk Country Love; 1985 MCA Records Country chart hit

73. Santa Claus Is Watching You / Armchair Quarterback; 1985 MCA Records

74. The Ballad of the Blue Cyclone / Vacation Bible School; 1986 MCA Records Country chart hit; Top-30 Sales

75. Southern Air / The Camping Trip; 1986 MCA Records Country chart hit; Top-30 Sales; A-side a collaboration with Jerry Clower and Minnie Pearl

76. The People's Court / Dudley Dorite of the Highway Patrol; 1986 MCA Records Country chart hit

77. Can He Love You Half as Much as I / Dudley Dorite; 1987 MCA Records

78. Would Jesus Wear a Rolex / Cool Down, Willard; 1987 MCA Records Country chart hit; Top-20 Sales

79. Three Legged Man / Doctor, Doctor; 1987 MCA Records

80. Sex Symbols / The Ballad of Cactus Pete and Lefty; 1987 MCA Records

81. Surfin' USSR / Language, Nudity, Violence, and Sex; 1988 MCA Records

82. Charlene MacKenzie / I Don't Need None of That; 1988 MCA Records

83. I Saw Elvis In a UFO / I Used To Be Crazy; 1989 MCA Records

84. Sittin' Up With The Dead; 1990 Curb Records

85. Help Me Make It Through The Night / Help Me Make It Through The Night; 1991 Curb Records

Note: At this time Ray Stevens opens up his theater in Branson, Missouri. Ray would perform at his theater during the 1991, 1992, and 1993 seasons. He would do 2 shows a day, 6 days a week.

86. Workin' For The Japanese; 1991 Curb Records Country chart hit

87. You Gotta Have a Hat; 1991 Curb Records

88. Power Tools; 1992 Curb Records Country chart hit

Note: It was around this point in time that Ray Stevens released Comedy Video Classics and sold it through television commercials and print advertisements. The home video would eventually sell more than 2,000,000 copies throughout 1992 and into 1993. Once it was released to retail stores in 1993 it sold more than half a million copies. The success led Ray into becoming a home video megastar throughout the 1990's as Comedy Video Classics and it's two follow-up releases, Ray Stevens Live! and Get Serious!, each had lengthy lifespans on the weekly home video sales chart. In fact, Get Serious! was on the weekly sales chart from January to July 1997 reaching a peak inside the Top-5.

89. If Ten Percent Is Good Enough For Jesus; 1993 Curb Records

90. The Motel Song; 1993 Curb Records

91. Super Cop; 1993 Curb Records

92. Virgil and the Moonshot; 1997 MCA Records

93. Too Drunk To Fish; 1997 MCA Records

94. The Little Drummer Boy...Next Door; 1997 MCA Records

95. Bad Little Boy; 1997 MCA Records

96. Osama Yo' Mama / United We Stand; 2002 Curb Records Country chart hit; Top-5 Sales; Gold single

97. Hello Mama; 2002 Curb Records

98. Thank You; 2004 Clyde Records

99. The New Battle of New Orleans; 2006 Curb Records

100. Ruby Falls; 2007 Clyde Records MP3 single

101. Hurricane; 2008 Clyde Records

102. Concrete Sailor; 2009 Clyde Records

103. Cooter Brown; 2009 Clyde Records

104. If Ten Percent Is Good Enough For Jesus; 2009 Clyde Records MP3 single

105. We The People; 2009 Clyde Records

Whew! As I mentioned at the top of this blog's a dizzying list of singles! I probably missed some obscure singles that I'm not aware of but for the most part the above singles list is about as thorough as it can be. Do not let the lapses in single releases fool you, though, during the decade of the '90s. Throughout the 1990's and this decade Ray has focused a lot of his energy into music video's and DVD's as well as occasional tour dates. His latest, "We The People", is an on-line hit. To date it's received over 20,000 plays on You Tube. It is his biggest hit since "Osama Yo' Mama" in 2002.


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  2. I'm glad you liked the list of 45 RPM's! Hopefully people who stumble upon this particular blog entry will finally realize that Ray isn't some singer that comes and goes every few years but instead is an artist that's always been there and typically putting out new material.

    The way some people on-line are reacting to Ray's latest song, "We The People", it's like they wondered where he'd been hiding for so long when in fact he'd been busy and active that whole time and it wasn't until this single that caused people outside of his fan-base to realize he's still around. That part of it I'll never understand but it's fun to see him get a lot of attention, though.

  3. Ray Stevens made SO MANY great records in the 60s-80s but sadly in recent years all this political crap that he's been coerced into is pathetic. I dig the classic Ray Stevens that the world knows and loves.
    joshthekook at gmail dot com

    1. Everyone has their opinion but I happen to love the political music he's issued over the last 4 to 5 years.


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