March 22, 2010

Ray Stevens spotlights those Congressional Bums...

It's truly fantastic being a Ray Stevens fan...although my enthusiasm hardly, if ever, has diminished through the years it's always kicked into high gear, obviously, whenever something new comes out concerning Ray. A week ago Ray gave us the music video entitled "Caribou Barbie" and as of now it's pulling in strong hits at You Tube. As of this blog entry, that music video is sitting at 42,824 hits. His military music video, "Thank You", is sitting at 91,577 hits. The big one, "We The People", enjoys 2,818,489 hits. Ray has since given us a new music, too, is highly political. This time around he offers a battle-cry in the form of "Throw The Bums Out!". The song itself is catchy and it's music arrangement I'm wanting to say is rooted in jazz, perhaps flavoring traditional pop music. Whichever musical flavor one defines it as being, it immediately catches the ear before the lyrics are even sung...and what about those lyrics??!

The lyrics drive home a sentiment that a lot of people, a lot of frustrated and annoyed people, seem to share. It's timely in that it comes in the aftermath of the House of Representatives passing ObamaCare by a vote of 219-212. It passed by a mere 7 votes. The song's title should become a theme for the mid-term elections this November. The campaigns during election years often kick off in the late spring/early summer and they run non-stop through the fall...picking up even more momentum by election day in November...and so by the summer of 2010 expect to see a lot of rallies become even more intensified with a sizable majority of the voting public on a mission to Throw the Bums Out!

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