July 27, 2012

Ray Stevens sings about the Obama Nation...

Good Friday afternoon Ray Stevens fans!! A lot of you may be aware of Ray's brand new music video but in case you hadn't checked his You Tube page in awhile, the new video is titled "Obama Nation". It was wonderful seeing this particular song become a music video (At Last!) and so far it's gotten almost 50,000 unique views in a couple day's time.

44,647 to be exact.

The song/video is all about the Obama Nation...an account of the United States of America under the Obama Administration from January 2009 through present day...and how it's in reality an abomination. It's a catchy song and goes hand-in-hand with his previous offering, "Mr. President - Mr. President". That particular music video has a little more than 620,000 unique views on You Tube and my guess is "Obama Nation" will follow it's predecessor down the same road and obtain more than half a million views, too, but only time will tell of course. This being an election year...a Presidential election year, specifically...it wouldn't surprise me if this particular song doesn't become one of the campaign songs in the coming weeks/months as we make our way to November. This song/video should be blasting on all the various Pro-Romney web-sites and blogs on the internet as it definitely connects and sums up what a good chunk of the American public feel in late July 2012...less than 4 months shy of Election day.

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