July 15, 2012

Ray Stevens speaks about Minnie Pearl...

Here's a video clip of Ray Stevens that became available a couple of days ago. In the clip he speaks of Minnie Pearl and tells of the time he recorded "Southern Air" which, in addition to featuring Ray as the singer/storyteller, it also featured Pearl as an amorous stewardess and Jerry Clower in the role of the Pilot. The recording was issued in 1986 and in the clip below you'll see what looks to be a print ad promoting the song. If that's the case then it's the first time I'd seen a print ad for that particular recording. However, the illustration could be something that was done to commemorate the pairing of three legendary comics and not meant for public display. Whatever the case, it's a cute illustration. The song can be found on Surely You Joust, the 10 song comedy album from 1986 on MCA. I learned a couple of things when I watched the video clip.

Ray also goes on to tell about how he had the idea of having Minnie sing songs that went against her public image and that only two songs were ever finished...but have never been released.

I don't know when the video was put together but it became available on July 12 and seeing that Ray has on the latest hat being offered for sale in his on-line store, promoting the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music, the video must have been taped at some point between April and July.

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