July 31, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 3...

Good Tuesday morning Ray Stevens fans! The response to "Obama Nation" is great...so far the video's gotten close to 120,000 unique views with a pick up of 50,056 since my previous blog entry. The specific total number of views at the moment is 118,709. Could it reach 200,000 by this time next week...or sooner!?! I hope more and more people discover the song as the days and weeks go by...especially those who are sitting on the fence and still don't know which person they're going to vote for in November. The song will help guide you in the right direction!! I've already embedded the video a few times in previous blog entries. You can Google the phrase Obama Nation + Ray Stevens and it'll be the first or among the first results that show up on the page. Of course, you can always visit Ray's web-page to see the video, too. Pass it around with your friends as well.

The concert trail looks like this...

Indiana...look for Ray Stevens to appear in concert in late September for 2 shows at the same venue. On September 21st he'll do 2 shows in Shipshewana, Indiana at The Blue Gate Theater.

On September 29th Ray will be in Renfro Valley, Kentucky in the New Barn facility.

Tomorrow is August 1st and so the more closer we get to middle September and into October the more I'll be posting reminders of his concerts.

In a rare occurrence, Ray will journey out west in mid October and appear at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in Mescalero, New Mexico on October 13th.

Ray will be doing 6 shows at the Andy Williams Theater in Branson, Missouri beginning October 15th. Ray will then appear for 2 shows at the Country Tonight Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on October 26th.

So, for those who might be in those areas this coming fall, take advantage of Ray's appearances. Ray doesn't do as many concerts as he once did and any appearance he does is listed on his web-page rather than in some weekly or monthly music publication. Any fan of Ray Stevens should make his web-page a #1 destination because that's most often where all of the information about upcoming CD's, music videos, TV appearances, and concerts are posted. Also, for those out there that have assumed that he doesn't do concerts anymore there's your chance to see Ray Stevens in person this year.    

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