August 3, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 4...

Good Friday morning Ray Stevens fans! As you can tell, it's my first blog entry of August. Great news...the marvelous "Obama Nation" music video has indeed surpassed the 200,000 mark...and I especially love the quotes that pop up during the video. It says a lot about Obama's choice of friends and those he looks up to. Earlier this morning I looked on You Tube and did a video search and saw the most recent tally for "Obama Nation" and it's sitting 200,463! The video became available on July 23 and so it's in the latter stages of it's second week on-line. On August 3 it'll begin it's 3rd week on-line. 

Elsewhere...August 7th should be a date you mark on your calendars. That will be the day that Ray's 1988 comedy album, I Never Made a Record I Didn't Like, will become available in Mp3 format. I have the project in vinyl and cassette format. This 1988 album features 10 songs that run the gamut from southern humor, ironic humor, sarcastic humor, satire, parody, and observational humor. Among the song selections are "Surfin' U.S.S.R.", "The Booger Man", "Old Hippie Class Reunion", "Mama's in the Sky With Elvis", "Bad" (yes, the same song written and recorded by Michael Jackson!), and "The Day I Tried To Teach Charlene MacKenzie How To Drive". The latter recording's title character, Charlene, became a main character in Ray's 1995 movie, Get Serious!. In the direct-to-video movie, MacKenzie was portrayed by Connie Freeman.

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