August 19, 2012

Ray Stevens in Concert...

A new concert date has recently been added to the Ray Stevens tour schedule. He'll appear at the Effingham Performance Center in Effingham, Illinois on September 22, 2012 at 8pm. There is no indication, for those who live in nearby states, of whether that concert time is in the Central or Eastern time zone and so for those in Effingham, Illinois but especially those who may have time zone questions make sure to find that out, of don't want to show up an hour late if you happen to live in the Eastern time zone.

This is a concert, as mentioned, that was recently added. This is on the heels of his 2 concert stop on September 21st in Shipshewana, Indiana at the Blue Gate Theater.

On September 29th he'll be in Renfro Valley, Kentucky.

His first 'concerts' of October will be 2 performance segments at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee on October 6th. The Opry appearances aren't conventional "concerts" for those unaware. The Opry's radio format is broken into 30 minute segments, each hosted by a different Opry member.

Sometimes they have two 15 minute segments within a half hour, each hosted by a different Opry member and a designated sponsor. Typically the host of the segment will open with a song and then do some patter with the announcer or a band member...then comes a commercial read by the announcer. Afterward the first singer of the segment comes out and does 1 or 2 songs depending on their length. After some more commercials, the host brings out a second performer...sometimes it'll be another Opry member and sometimes it'll be a guest. If it's a guest, particularly a currently popular guest, he/she will often be allowed as many as 4 songs to perform. If the guest is moderately popular he/she could still be able to perform a few of their biggest or best-known recordings.

Usually anytime Ray appears at the Opry they turn over most of a half hour segment to him perhaps due to his guest status or the fact that he draws a strong fan base of enthusiastic followers/fans and the Opry personnel don't want to disappoint those who may have traveled a good ways to see him...perhaps it's a combination of both.

Ray is one of the few guests at the Grand Ole Opry who get nearly a complete half hour...usually this kind of treatment is reserved to Opry members that often don't get the opportunity to appear that much during a calendar year (results of a demanding touring schedule more than likely). In the various guest spots that Ray has appeared on at the Opry he's performed mostly the songs that have been linked to him for many years: "Everything Is Beautiful", "It's Me Again, Margaret", "The Streak", "Mississippi Squirrel Revival", and "Misty". An appearance during a Halloween themed segment a few years ago had him performing the funny but seldom if ever performed, "Booger Man" (a song from his 1988 album).

After the Opry appearances on October 6th, Ray Stevens heads off to New Mexico for an October 13th concert in Mescalero at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino. You can read more about that appearance Here.

You can get all the information about these concerts and several others by visiting the Events section of the Ray Stevens web-site.

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