August 19, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 9...

Hello to all the fans of Ray Stevens...the "Obama Nation" music video's gotten a pick-up of more than 70,000 views since my previous blog entry. The total number of views at that time was 372,579 and at last look the view total was 445,370. This is a pick-up of 72,791 views. I'd love to see it reach half a million unique views at some point this week...perhaps with a new work week around the corner the video will vault into the 500,000 level by Wednesday.

Politics and news seem to take a back seat on the matter the situation at hand...and then once Monday rolls around it's "back to normal" where people seem more focused on current events and politics. Ray recently did an interview and I posted the various embedded videos into the Part 7 entry of this Obama Nation series of blogs. So, of course, for those who want to see the interview you can always search the right hand side of the page in the archives and click the entry titled Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 7.

One of the things that happens when any celebrity not closely affiliated with a political point of view suddenly becomes politically oriented is the accusation of some as being disingenuous. 

Ray genuinely believes in the things he says and sings about...and there's no secretive desired outcome on his part or any secret that he aligns himself with the Tea Party and conservatives.

It's obviously a case where people through time have mistakenly overused a word that by definition is inaccurate.

It's laughable when I read commentary out there on the internet suggesting that because Ray's political points of view have become part of his career lately that somehow he's "changed" from the days of "Everything Is Beautiful". Ray's still the same person. I've read and watched a lot of his interviews from all time periods of his career and the only difference between 2012 and 1970 (the year "Everything Is Beautiful" was issued) is he's gotten older and he isn't clean shaven anymore...but basically his overall view of life hasn't changed from what I've been able to gather by being a fan of his for so long.

He still sings "Everything Is Beautiful" in his concerts and believes in peace, happiness, and treating your fellow person right...but for whatever reason the liberals can't believe a person can have those character traits and still side with conservatives and the Tea Party.

I'd like to see where it's written in stone that a conservative or an Independent can't be for peace and brotherhood, too.

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