August 24, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 11...

Good Friday morning! is my typical routine I just came over from You Tube and seen that the Ray Stevens "Obama Nation" music video's ever so close to half a million views! Yesterday when I checked it was sitting at 489,752 and this morning it's at 499,280!! This means that there's just 720 unique views to obtain in reaching the 500,000 plateau. The video should cross the half a million mark in a couple of hours as more and more people are discovering it's existence. I've noticed that it's being embedded on more and more blogs, too, which helps spread the video around. The song speaks directly to the frustrations and annoyances of living in an "Obama Nation" and the thick layer of arrogance and divisive tactics that trickles out of the Oval Office on a constant basis. I'll check the totals later on today to see if the video obtained half a million unique should...but we'll see what the totals show in a couple of hours. In the picture off to the left is my display of the Ray Stevens book, Let's Get Political. I've written about the book before but for those new to this blog it's a book that contains lyrics to the songs from Ray's 2010 and 2011 albums, We The People and Spirit of '76 respectively. Ray's promoting those two CD's as well as his 9-CD Encyclopedia project...what other artist promotes not one, not two, but three projects at the same time! The book wasn't promoted that much but ever now and then I like to post a picture of it. It's available at Ray's web-store.

I own the Spirit of '76 in Mp3 format. I don't own the CD copy and so that's why, for the moment, you've never seen a picture of me showing off the CD. At some point I plan on purchasing the CD version just for posterity's sake but it was simply super easy to purchase the Mp3 with a couple of clicks of the mouse rather than send off for the CD through a mail-order. The CD was released in 2011. At the moment Spirit of '76 features the hits "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore", "God Save Arizona", "Obama Budget Plan", and "Mr. President - Mr. President". The reason I began the previous sentence by stating 'at the moment' is because chances are that Ray will re-visit this CD as we move into the heart of the election season...which by my calculations the elections will not start to really pick up in intensity, as far as wall-to-wall media coverage is concerned, until late September at the earliest. However, Ray may let his current hit, "Obama Nation", ride the rest of the election cycle. One of the songs from We The People that I assumed would've been released as a music video is "We Are the Government". That song, like so many others on the 2010 CD, fits Obama and the current political climate so well that it has the potential to resonate with people once they hear it. So far it's not been made into a video...but it's a very funny song nonetheless.

By now you've probably long figured out that Obama's approach to his re-election is to demonize the wealthy, demonize those who don't need a Government handout and admonish them for not "giving back", and lastly he'll demonize those who have plans for saving Medicare and Social Security. If you notice, many of the TV commercials that run in support of Obama make no mention of his actual record. Instead what we see are divisive attack ads made against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan based on lies and distortions of the truth. Obama and company would rather have people thinking about Romney's wealth and so-called "connections" instead of Obama's destructive domestic and foreign policies. Early commercials were fixated on Romney's personal finances...demonizing him on the grounds of simply being successful. Other commercials from the DNC as well as the Obama sponsored ads added more to the murky puddle.

Once the debates air and the public at large realizes that neither Obama nor Biden have any solutions but instead have a trunk full of personal insults they can throw Romney and Ryan's way the quicker the public will realize how petty, low down, and full of themselves that Obama and Biden truly are. The debates, from the Democrat's side of things, will be nothing more than a blame game and incoherency wrapped up in a Utopian fantasy narrative. Once Romney and Obama debate one another the Independent voters of 2008 will see what I'm talking about...for me there's no way that Obama can "win" the debate as long as the topics are rooted in facts. You see, based upon previous debates, Obama likes to change the facts and use a lot of what if's and maybe's in his reasoning...he often likes to belittle whoever he's debating with and ramble on and on until a person's ears fall asleep. That's just my experience during the few times I've attempted to stomach Obama's condescending style. I bet ear plug sales spike whenever word gets out that he's going to make a speech but that's just a guess.

Paul Ryan will do circles around Joe Biden, but that's just my theory...but I'm sure millions of other people agree. On the left there's Biden, on the right there's Ryan...we all know that Biden, based on history, is going to try and get cute and say some God awful things and attempt to make a point where there's no point to be made. The smirk filled Biden, I hope, is rendered speechless during the Vice Presidential debate.

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