August 8, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 6...

Good Wednesday morning! "Obama Nation" continues to be a's gotten over 310,000 views in a little more than 2 weeks time. Of course, for me, the next major plateau is for the video to cross into half a million territory! Based on the fact that it's already in the 300,000+ range, I feel the video will surpass the 500,000 mark rather quickly. The video has the makings of being one of his million-viewing successes. 

While searching Facebook a few minutes ago I came across a link to a brand new interview with Ray Stevens. The interview is conducted by a duo known as Kim and Ken. There is an Interview Archive section at their web-site and so if you come across this blog entry several days or weeks from now and can't find Ray's interview in the link below then you will have click their Interview Archive link once you're at their site.

Kim and Ken Interview Ray Stevens 

The interview is upbeat most of the time, hilarious a lot of the time, but also serious and reflective when the discussion turn towards mortality and the losses of Andy Griffith and George Lindsey within the last couple of months. There's also discussion of political issues which offer a lot of opportunity to discuss You Tube, his music videos, and how humor works during harsh economic times.

Kim brings up Ray having a hit single from the 1970's in Bangkok. The single was "Love Lifted Me" in 1972...Ray had arranged the song in a rock and roll delivery and it reached the music charts in Bangkok. Ray doesn't recall having a hit over there given that he's never appeared there but I looked up the single that was confusing the three of them and sure enough it was a chart hit in Bangkok. It was ranked in that country's Top-30 list for the week ending October 7, 1972.

Here's a link showing the Billboard Hits of the World section from a Google book search I did. You can click the plus sign once there to increase the image's size. You'll see Ray's single listed in the Top-20. The countries are in alphabetical order starting with Argentina.

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