August 23, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 10...

Hello all...I just looked at the "Obama Nation" numbers since my last blog post and there's been an increase of 44,382 views. This brings the total number of on-line views to 489,752...a little more than 10,000 shy of half a million. It was uploaded on July 23, 2012 and so today marks the 1 month anniversary of it's You Tube debut. Considering that the video's been getting anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 views on a daily basis it should vault past the half a million mark real soon. Will it top 1,000,000 on-line views? I have no would be great if it would...

One of the things that I do know is the United States can't take four more years of the Obama Administration. This coming Election Day 2012 will be an important turning point...will even more voters wake up and see the destruction that the Obama policies have ushered in during the last three and a half years? I hope so!

The "Obama Nation" Mp3 sells for 99 cents and can be purchased by clicking the following Obama Nation Mp3 Amazon link.

Whenever Ray puts out a new music video the comment sections are ultimately invaded by the opposing point of view and once that happens the comment section on the song's main video page becomes a haven for left-wing hate speech and progressive propaganda and so I rarely watch his videos from their main page after awhile and instead I watch them elsewhere (places free of vile user comments). 

It took a bit longer than usual but the left-wingers and the freeloaders of America have since discovered the "Obama Nation" video and in typical fashion they've polluted the comment section at You Tube with their name-calling, their insidious race baiting language, and their vile attempts at humor. Here's the embedded video once more...the marvelous "Obama Nation" song from Ray Stevens...ENJOY!!!

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