August 30, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 13...

Well, it's a Thursday morning! The "Obama Nation" music video's gotten nearly 20,000 additional views since my previous blog entry. The totals so far are 542,174!

You can get "Obama Nation" for 99 cents Here. Obviously you can watch the video on You Tube, too.

We have two full months to go (September and October) before it's election anyone anxious, nervous, worried, optimistic? I'm optimistic...I really do feel that the Obama supporters are a very loud segment of the country, but not a majority, and that on election night the Romney-Ryan duo will clobber the Obama-Biden tandem.  

The opposition, from my point of view, is very desperate and are showing their true selves as the country draws closer and closer to the 2012 elections.  Whenever I see pundits on TV applauding Obama or Biden it makes me think that they're stuck in 2007/2008 and that reality escapes them. The Obama crowd...they're the ones who are truly out of's one of those scenarios where you wish that you could just reach through the TV screen and tell them to wake up and do some fact checking!!

The liberal leaning cable networks and many liberal-slanted writers for newspapers and current event magazines are at their boiling point. You can see it if you catch a glimpse of any of the circus shows broadcast from the liberal channels and you can read it with your own eyes, too, if you're able to stomach any number of liberal blogs.

They're at their boiling point because, let's face it, they see the writing on the wall pretty much.  

The modern-day Democrats should be called the Divisive Party for pretty much everything they champion has an underlying layer of division to it. Whether it be the intentional division of people based on their financial state, their sex, their race, their religion, their ethnicity, or their age. The Divisive Party likes to break people down into various categories that they can pander to when the time's right.

In the "Obama Nation", apparently the President wants people to be envious and jealous of one another!? He hasn't said fact, many of his speeches are peppered with rhetoric that encourages resentment of those who are better off financially and, or, socially. If you feel I'm over-reacting a bit just take a listen to quite a few of his speeches and really digest what exactly he's saying. When you digest it then you, too, will get that nauseating feeling in your stomach as many of us get.

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